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the room sat sticky in warmth; however the ice stayed between the two late teenagers within the cotton laced bed sheets.

the two lay centered in the bed. violet tucked in the hold of finn as his arms wrap around her tightly. her head resting to his chest as he stares up to his ceiling. they listened to the silence together. although violet was deep in thought.

"we shouldn't lay here all day, vi." finns words mumble quietly between the two of them. lips planting gently to violets warm forehead.

"i don't want to get up."

"you would feel so much better if you did."

"i just want to stay here with you." she grumbles to his chest.

"okay." he whispers, holding her tighter to him. he sighs up to the white paint above him, remembering what had helped him through times like these.
"what about a party?"

"last time we went to a party we fell apart."

"i wont get drunk." he brushes her hair behind her ear.
"i'll leave that to you."

"i dont want to be around strangers right now, finn."

"i can invite the others. the whole band, we can all go out to celebrate."

"to celebrate what?"

"that we have you in our lives."

violet hesitates,
"i appreciate what you're trying to do. but i just want to stay here for the day."

"i hate seeing you sad, vi. i know if you go out tonight, you'll have a good time. i'll make sure of it."

violet sighs deeply, adjusting herself to look up to his eyes. he stares at her hopeful, running his fingers gently through her hair.
"text the others."

finn smiles, reaching over to his night stand for his phone. he does as he promised, inviting them to his friends party later that night.

"do you want me to take you out? go dress shopping or get your hair done or something? i'll pay."

she smiles lightly, resting her hand to his freckled cheek. warm at his kindheartedness.
"i'm not the type to wear dresses, finn."

"maybe you should try something new." he stares deeply to her pale eyes.

"are you just trying to get me out of bed?"


she chuckles, pressing her lips to his gently.
"i'll wear a dress for you tonight. but you have to promise to stay here with me until an hour before."

he hums, sinking into her hold as his eyes lock to her lips.
"sounds good to me violet cage."

soon, the two manage to fall asleep within each others company. they sleep the day away, something violet needed more than anything to sooth the sadness the seeped her veins.

finn only sleeps for a few hours, however he stays true to his word and lays next to violet for hours after hes awoken.

she wakes up eventually, comfortable at the touch of finns thumb to her cheek to cause her eyes to flutter open.

she pushes his curly hair back, kissing his cheek gently without hesitation. she remains silent as she crawls out of finns warm bed, slipping into the bathroom to wash the sleep from her face.

however, by the time that finn gets himself dressed and his hair situated; he was still waiting for the girl in the bathroom.

he falls back on his bed, calling out in complaints towards the closed bathroom door.
"vi, i'm growing a beard out here. and you better hurry because i know you don't like facial hair."

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