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"you don't get to sit there and talk to me like that, finn!"

"you don't get to just waltz in here and act like you control every fucking thing i do!"

"you're acting like a jerk."

"a jerk? violet its just dinner."

"its a date is what it is."

violet and finn stand backstage, a curtain separating them from a crowd of rowdy teenagers wanting nothing but music.

the other band members watch from a distance; hoping that the argument wasn't heard by the crowd.

"we go on in sixty seconds, should we get finn?" jack speaks, not taking his eyes off the argument.

"let them argue it out." aylas head shakes.
"with all the things that went on last night, they need this. finn knows when its time."

"her parents will be there!" finn shouts.

"her parents dropping her off at the restaurant like shes five does not count as them being there."

they couldn't manage to stop yelling at one another. especially for violet, screaming had never felt so good.

"don't start talking bad about her just because youre jealous."

"i'm not jealous of anyone who has the decency of hanging all over someone whose got a girlfriend."

"she didn't know we were together until last night!"

"because you were too ashamed to even introduce me as your girlfriend!"

"you know what?" finn reaches over to grab his guitar, pulling it over his shoulder.
"you're acting insane; and i have a show to perform. so if you'll excuse me."

"yeah, fuck you finn." violet follows after the group, stomping harshly to her spot off stage.

that show was the first show since they met that she didn't look up to finn to check to make sure his emotions were under control. his anxiety got the best of him sometimes and she seemed to help with tranquility. this time, however her eyes focused on her job.

finn noticed, for even though he was god awfully mad at her; his stress and anxiety was worse than ever. instead of seeing her eyes to his; he follows them behind himself to malcolm.

violet and malcolm smile at each other; only causing finn to get upset. it was the worst he's ever performed. he never wanted to go back to a stage that he felt so unsettled in.

the show was cut short. for typically finn would throw in extra covers to fill some time. he apologizes to the crowd there, ending the concert almost a half and hour early.

the band knew why, for when they left for back stage they didn't ask questions. finn stands heated, hands over his face as his guitar lay to the floor beside him.

violet is the last to enter, she hadn't packed up yet; but instead came back to grab a drink. she didn't want to argue much more that night; she didn't think she could handle it.

finn turns around; pushing the back door open harshly to leave. he was mad; upset and it was the only way to escape it. violet knew better than to follow, but everyone stared to her in question.

"i have to pack up." she mumbles.

"no" ayla stops her, nudging her to the door.
"you need to talk to him. we'll pack up tonight."

"you're sure?" she looks to the guys.

they nod, setting their things down to go back out there.

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