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they were almost there.

they were almost to the elevators that would close violet in with reposefulness, with relief of a deep breath.

violets skin ran hot, refusing to let malcolm see the sadness that seeped through her face. so she walks in front of him down the narrow hallway of filled rooms within the orphanage.

malcolm tries to comfort her, trying to rest a hand to her shoulder in front of him. only to be shrugged off with a head shake. he felt helpless, wanting to fix everything and not having the ability to fix anything. he'd suppose that that was the reason as to why he had never been happier to see the eyes that rounded the corner.

violets eyes shoot up from the floor as her body halts in the presence of someone walking around the corner in the opposite direction.

she hardly reacts twice as slowly as he does, for finn had almost been expecting to bump into her. although he hoped to see a smile to her lips rather than her current expression.

violet feels his hands grab to her arms before she processes the face that stood before her. her eyebrows raise; forced in motion to stare to his eyes. the only time that she'd regretted staring to them.

"whats wrong, vi?" finn frowns.

"what are you doing in here?"

"i wasn't going to go into her office, i swear. i just wanted to check to see if you were okay but clearly you aren't."

"i'm fine i just want to get out of here."

finn falls from her glance, staring to malcolm who stood tall behind the girl.
"go take her out to the van, i'll be there in a bit."

"where are you going?" she stops him from proceeding past them, holding onto him with the only strength her body hadn't been drained from.

"to figure out what the hell she said to you to put that look on your face."

"shes not worth yelling at, man." malcolm interjects,
"shes clueless, a real piece of work."

"anything is worth yelling at if it made violet cry." he stands aggravated. stare holding to his two friends soon before he tosses the keys to his van. they land in malcolms hands as he turns away, heading towards the direction the two had come from previously.

malcolm and violet follow what they were told, violet almost feeling at peace with the thought of finn going in to take care of her problem. she wasnt one to do much for herself. in what she had in confidence lacked in confrontation.

as the two late teenagers settle into the warm van, finn stands wholeheartedly at the tall wooden door. his palms trace in sweat; he was nervous, but so sickly angry at someone whos let someone he loved the most, down. over and over again.

theres a spell of hesitation that coursed through his veins, however only for a few seconds before his arm reaches out; swinging the door open to bounce off the neighboring wall.

this time, kendra sat at her desk. wide eyed, but not moving a muscle. presenting almost as if she were expecting the intrusion.

"can i help you?" she speaks.

"you can help yourself if you just shut up and listen."

"excuse me, who are you?" she speaks shocked. most wouldn't dare to talk to her that way.

finn closes the door behind him, not answering her question but inviting himself to stand at the end of her desk instead.
"i brought violet here because we agreed over the phone for an apology."

"oh, you're finn?" her arms cross.

"i am" he states.

"i expected you to be on more of the, upper class. being so young to take in someone so tragic."

"what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"its not whats wrong with me, finn. its whats wrong with her. you might not understand now, but you will."

"you dont even know what shes like, you didnt raise her a single day of her life."

"i sure as hell did, young man! i raised her right here, just as well as the other girls."

"all she needed was someone there for her!" he shouts. "where the hell do you get off to have treated her like the others?"

"she was like the others! nothing different."

"you're sick. shes deserved so much more her entire life and you gave her shit."

"if you know whats so good for her, why don't you take care of it?"

"i am. but thats not my job; i can only fill in for you so much."

"look," kendra sighs, staring at the boy that stood just a few inches taller.
"you're right, its not your job. violet is a burden, has been since the day she was born. shes going to try to take advantage of you; you need to get out while you can finn."

he stands baffled, staring wide eyed at the sentence just presented to him. quickly, he shakes his head; storming out of the room with the door slamming behind him.

finn knew that he should have ignored it the way he presented that he did. but in the back of his mind her words broke in a record. over and over again as something he just couldn't let go of.

he roughly walks down the front steps down to the parking lot. hands balled in anger as he reassures himself not to be upset. he didn't want to set off violet, but he only radiated from the words of her mom.

it drove him crazy.

he gets into the drivers seat, sitting silently next to violet as she stares over to him in the passenger side.

"im sorry, violet." he mumbles.

"its not your fault finn." she whispers.

"i thought it would be good for you. i pushed you into it despite everything you warned me about her."

she stares to her feet on the dirty van floor.
"if i'm honest, i just want to go home. just you and me."

finn glances back at malcolm awkwardly, nodding as he starts the van.
"anything for you."

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