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violet couldn't stop.

her hands ran through her hair, through her wrinkleless clothes, back to her hair again.

she fidgeted, cleaning her mascara from under her eye. doing anything she possibly could to distract herself.

"would you stop?" finn speaks from behind her in the mirror.

it was three weeks from the time finn brought up the idea of violet seeing her mom. she was consistently back and forth on the idea of going throughout the tour. but when they got home the day before; she had to make a decision.

finn stands in his doorway, arms crossed as he approaches violet from behind. he stares at her through the mirror, fingertips skimming her waist.

"you look beautiful violet."

she turns to face him, a little shorter than eye level. she inspects his freckled cheeks, dark eyes. his hair in a flaming curly mess; framing his face flawlessly.
"what do i even say to her? fuck you for not raising me?"

he shrugs,
"sometimes you have to be in the situation to know what to say."

"or maybe i just shouldn't go."

"violet, you're going. you're going to kick yourself later if you don't."

she sighs, glancing back and forth between his eyes.
"yeah, you're right."

the silence drags between them, consuming violets nerves as if she was going to be sick. his hands steady hers; giving off a nod to reassure her that things didn't have to go smoothly that day.

"go head out to the van; i just have to give malcolm a call real quick and i will be out, love."

violet nods, leaving finn to his bedroom on his own. he walks over to the couch, sitting down as his body sinks to the cushions. he waits seconds before the other end of the line stoped ringing abruptly.



malcolm sighs,
"whats up finn?"

"are you busy? i need a favor."

"yeah, i'm kind of busy. i told you,
its my sisters birthday. can you
get someone else?" finn could hear the irritation in his voice. he was malcolms good friend, but malcolm hated how much finn consistently messed up; how much he asked for on a daily basis.

"its for violet-"

he sits up abruptly, a birthday party going on around him. malcolm covers his free ear to listen closer.
"what is it? is she okay?"

"shes fine, malcolm."

"okay than what is it?"

finn hesitates,
"you know i'm a little confused as to why
you wouldn't help a friend you've known
for six years but you'll help violet in a heartbeat."

"just tell me whats going on."

"violet, wants to meet up with her mom today."

malcolm smiles at the thought of her happiness.
"thats great!"

"she only wants you to go with her"


"yes. she thinks im going to judge her."

"well of course i'll go with her. when?"

"shes in the van right now

he looks around at the chatting faces,

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