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by the time the band arrives at the mountain peaks of tennessee, violet is sitting at the edge of her seat; leg bouncing nervously.

finn and jack hold a conversation up front. ayla seated next to violet and malcolm across from them; staring to his phone. in the back.

ayla notices violets lack of movement with her eyes, her stare not daring to leave the floor. she was nervous, but uncomfortable more so. she didnt have much information of what went on between finn and his ex.

ayla knew she shouldn't, that she should just let it play itself out. but she couldn't stand the thought of violets heart crushing when she sees them together.

"its probably nothing anymore," ayla whispers over to her quietly.
"maddie was the closest thing finn knew about love until he met you. its not saying much so dont be worried, i just want you to not be taken off guard."

violet doesn't ask any question, only nodding her head as the van parks down a long driveway. they step out to a beautiful house. one that sat calmly in the middle of clean air. too clean to breathe.

violet thought about it, she thought about how the home screamed stability and that she had to be prepared for something she could never accomplish to be, to walk out of that front door. she was overthinking it; it wasn't good for her.

she watches finn as he happily walks up to an older couple coming out to greet them. he warms them in hugs by the front door.

violet grabs her things from the back of the van, watching from a distance until she was forced to go up there with the rest. she walks to catch up, smiling lightly as she's introduced by finn to the older couple. he takes the time to introduce everyone else before being invited inside.

they walk into an air conditioned kitchen, spotless of mess, everything having its own place.

"maddie's downstairs setting everything up for y'all. why she was just as excited as we were to hear you were comin' out here after so long!" the lady smiles, a southern drawl escapes the family's lips.

"it has been a while, hasn't it?" finn scratches the back of his neck, letting his bag to the floor.

"you were sixteen last time we saw you. you're what now? eighteen? maddie's going to be surprised at what a handsome young man you've grown to be!"

"you are too kind, mrs. mace." he smiles kindly, the rest of the band standing almost awkwardly behind him.

"oh, where are my manners?" the woman gasps,
"are you kids hungry? its been a long trip, i can whip something up for you?"

"actually, we're okay." finn speaks for them,
"we just got something to eat an hour back."

"well great!-"

silence falls over them at the footsteps trailing up the stairs to their right. a dirty blonde haired girl pops out, a white smile flashing to them, but eyes set to finn.

"finn?!" her arms hold out to hug him, finally meeting him as her arms wrap around his neck.

"hey mads." he gleams.

"wow! i thought i heard your voice, but i hardly recognize it. look at you! so tall." she pulls away to study him, smiling brightly. a southern accent dripping from her lips like honey.

"handsome boy, isn't he?" maddies mom smiles, awing at the two that she only wished would have worked out.

"definitely a ladies man now. who's this?" maddie turns to the others, earning a smile from jack. 

"this is my band." finn greets, gesturing towards them.
"you remember jack, malcolm and ayla?"

"of course i do!" she goes over to hug them individually, they all smile as if they were so happy to see her. violet stands in the back, feeling more awkward than ever.

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