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although finn had plans to stick to his promise to violet at that party, she was pushing him the opposite direction.

within the night, violet was beginning to cause finn to drink just as much as she was. starting with handing him her drinks to finish them off; and ended up grabbing an extra for him each time she went up to grab her own.

however, despite being high intoxicated; he stuck by her side. this time, not daring to glance to another girl; or leave violet on her own for a long period of time.

a fairly large group of drunk teenagers form themselves in a circle amongst the crowded living room. playing a rather classic, and noisy, version of spin the bottle.

the four band members take a seat to the couch just outside the circle. doing their own thing within the loud music.

finn glances around, feeling at ease to see ayla in the kitchen; laughing the night away with james. and not upstairs where his friend often took girls.

"jack and i are going to head out." malcolm taps finn on the arm, standing to grab his jacket.

"are you taking ayla home?" violet asks, leaning against finn on the couch.

jack chuckles,
"shes not going to want to leave."

"you two need a designated driver anyway." malcolm smiles, leaving the crowd with jack despite the other twos protesting.

"i'm ready to go home too finn." violet whispers to him, falling to his hold on the couch. she was feeling exhausted; for she had one too many.

he looks over to her, surrounding her hand in his. he smiles a bubbly smile; one that also hinted with sleep.
"lets go get ayla then."

"no." violet looks over to the kitchen, watching her; then back to finn.
"let her stay and have fun. i'll call us a cab."

violet does, and the two wait outside in the humid air as they watch for the yellow car to pull off the busy street to the curb.

violet was drunk, but she had always been a calm type of drunk. often it followed with a wicked headache and nausea, but she was fairly coherent at that moment.

finn however, had much more than what violet or himself had expected. he often found that when he was just slightly buzzed; he turned to a monster that he simply couldn't contain. but when he over drank, he was much too sentimental, much too out of it to bother with a rude personality.

and it didn't hit him until they step out of the cab to his family home.

the two walk through the front door; immediately met by roaring laughter and voices from the dining room around the corner.

"you go head upstairs." violet speaks timidly to finn.
"i will let your parents know we're home."

finn nods, stumbling slowly up the stairs without much thought of who violet was going to meet for the first time downstairs, and in the state that she was in.

violet watches finn up the stairs before heading around the corner to the only room in the house that beamed in light.

her heals tap into the room, standing at a distant from the table as she pushes her fallen hair behind her ear.

"violet!" finns mom smiles, directing everyone else's attention to her.

she was taken by surprise at the amount of eyes on her, several new faces that she hadn't expected to be there.

"this is finn's girlfriend violet, who i've been mentioning. she was supposed to come up with finn to meet you guys at janines engagement party but finn had that concert of his."

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