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it was just a van.

previously, violet felt as the white painted van symbolized adventure.

she'd step foot in it and expect the world to fall at peace; like it held the key to the world.

but now; it was nothing more than an invaluable piece of metal.

one that held her worst memory;
that night.

violet sits in stone on the household couch; she had been waiting for hours. so long in fact, that darkness fell over the neighborhood.

it had been hours, all day, since finn had stormed out with the van. leaving her on her own as their family settled in from their trip.

violet sat in the same place for a majority of that time, just waiting to see the headlights reflect through the window.

and finally, they had. twelve seventeen in the morning.

violet unlocks the front door, opening it in awaits for finn to come in, hopefully cooled off from whatever he was feeling that morning.

however, he never got out of the van. only sitting there; for a minute in the least.

violet steps out in her socks, the concrete damp from the previous rain; although she didnt care. for she was happy to see him.

she approaches the passenger side, elbows resting on the open window. she looks at finn in the drivers seat.

"get in. we need to talk."

"where are we going?"

"just get in." he speaks quietly.

violet complies, almost nervous as she sits in the unwelcomely cold van. the air conditioning blowing to her bare arms.

its silent between the two as finn drives them to a nearby gas station; old and run down in which he knew not many would occupy, especially not at that time.

he parks, the parking lot vacant as expected. inside the gas station glass walls stood a clerk behind the counter, eyes shut in sleep.

"what are we doing here, finn?" violet glances around; almost feeling unsafe with the area.

"we need to talk."

"about what?"

"i don't want to hurt you, violet." he whispers.

her heart pulses, he only ever used her full name when things were bad; when he was serious.
"what are you talking about?"

"i want you, i do. but i-" he stops, sighing as his hands run through his hair. he was frustrated, he had planned this talk with her all day. practiced what he'd say and how. but now, none of it came out.

violet, on the other hand was starting to get angry. she knew what this was about, and she hated that he waited to sleep with her to tell her.
"but you cant do it anymore?"

"no, thats not what im saying." his voice raises to meet hers.

"then what is it finn?"

"im trying to talk to you to make things right." he yells at her.

violet sighs, mumbling to herself of how sick she was of these outbursts.

finn settles, resting his hands on the steering wheel.
"im taking advantage of you vi. and i don't want to do that to you."

"what do you mean taking advantage of me?"

"i mean i- we shouldnt have slept together last night."

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