¹⁵ { crazed }

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about a week later the band had gathered back together yet again, they had a plan to perform to a small crowd at a vancouver cafe minutes away from their neighborhood.

violet was still a bit distant from finn since the mishap, and the others could tell. but they didnt bring it up, for none of them wanted to be there.

for whatever reason, a blanket of gloom draped over the band; and they were all ready to go home much before they even left.

their plan was to play what they had promised, and split. no standing around, no signings, no staying for drinks.

everyone could agree on that. for it was already pretty late.

they park the van out back of the warm cafe. theyre met with the soft brown interior that tucked a bar in the corner inside. the air smelled of comfort, and over soured beer.

violet sets up the equipment as the rest get themselves ready. they were doing the gig without their manager; for they had done this several times at local places and typically had it under control.

but as the crowd began to gather in, it was growing much larger then expected, and the owner wouldn't close the doors to stop the flow of money.

by the time they were now starting to begin to think of playing, much of the crowd was intoxicated, and close. packed into the small space like a can of sardines.

violet stands uncomfortably close to the strangers, off the small platformed stage. for her job was to stand just off the front of the stage.

finn glances down at her, flashing her a small grin of apology at the state of violet. her face showing discomfort as people push up against her. but she wouldn't complain; for it was her job.

however the circumstances only grew more rough as the band began to play. the drunks began to dance and push into violet. at first, she didn't mind it; didn't particularly notice it to be exact. but soon she noticed a reoccurring guy push into her.

violet turns to glare at the guy that had put his hands on her. he stands not much taller than her, a five o'clock shadow smeared across his face. he was st least in his twenties, for he held a beer in his hand that was free from violets arm.

she pulls away, trying to ignore it to focus on what she was being paid to do.

but he began to get touchier; and her tolerance was running thin. finn noticed the guy, taking his attention off of his guitar and to the situation.

he watches as violet reacts to the mans hands that now wrapped around her waist. oh, how it made his blood boil. he could tell how fed up she was, and she wasn't the type to leave it be.

"get off of me!" she shouts through the music, shoving him by his shoulders.

she looks to finn, knowing that her gaze alone would settle him. his body stood tense, his eyes stoned to her. but she gave off a light nod; reassuring him. the stranger had generally backed off, taken aback that violet had the guts to push him.

they had thought the man had left to leave her be.

they were dead wrong about that.

the show ends smoothly. people still continued to push up against violet the rest of their show, but nobody put their hands on her after that.

violet excuses herself to the bathroom as the others pack up their things, the crowd dying down to the bar and the bathrooms.

violet, as a result, stood in line for over ten minutes, unbearable at the fact that she had been holding it for hours.

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