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five a m.

a usual time for finn wolfhard.

but typically, he wasn't pacing in a hotel hallway.

the boy stands dressed, his wild curly hair framed to his face. he walks back and forth outside the rows of hotel doors, hesitating each time he got to hers. he bites at his nails, nervous to go about asking.

he's hit with one single wave of confidence. one single wave that he knew wouldn't last more than a second. urgently, he taps on the door. regret flooding him the second that he did so. but he stands frozen at her doorway. waiting.

in a fog, violet answers the door, being awoken in the bright morning of the day.

"you've never seen the city."


"you've never seen the city and you've always wanted to."

violet hesitates, feeling his hands take hers between them.
"are you okay, finn? did something happen?"

"you've wanted to see the city. you want to travel and have our lives. so come with me. with us."

"what, with your band?"

he nods, more sure than most things he crossed paths with.
"calpurnia needs an amp volumist."

"i dont know anything about music" she chuckles lightly, tired from the morning.

"i'll teach you. everything you need to know. please, just say you'll come with me."

"well, when do you leave?"

"everyones already in the van."

"finn i don't know that i-"

"i don't want you back out there vi. i don't want to know that you're alone. look, i know that we don't know each other. but i know you're comfortable with us, i could feel it last night. and i want to get to know you. we all do. let me take care of you. please."

she looks into the boys eyes, smiling lightly at his rambling as she takes her hands from his, glancing behind her to her hotel room.
"let me grab my things."

he helps her gather her few things, taking her down the lobby and out to the van. at that very moment, the boy was so happy, the happiest he'd ever be in their entire relationship to come.

finn opens the back door of the van for her, handing her her things once she settled in. she turns quietly, grinning to the others.

"you came" ayla smiles to the girl.

"finn was pretty convincing" she admits, smiling back to finn as he had turned from the drivers seat. smiling in awe at her.

she amazed him.


"we're happy you're coming with us, violet" jack smiles, patting to the bench next to him.

violet moves next to jack, thanking him for the invite.

but really, it was his words. more than anything, violet wanted a home, a life, something to call her own. and although she didn't feel she had that still, she felt that she had more than what she had ever had before. friends.

it was a quiet ride for violet. the band talks amongst each other, conversating to another. she liked to sit in silence to listen. she admired the way they held a conversation with failure to fall silent.

eventually, ayla unbuckles her seatbelt, climbing to the back to lay across the clean carpet of the vans floor amongst the loose blankets. the others continue to talk, but eventually they fall to silence.

violet remains staring to a single spot in the van, one she didn't even know she was staring to until she notices the voices evaporate.

she looks around her, everyone in the back curled up with their eyes closed, like it was usual for them to fall asleep in such an inconvenient place.

her eyes meet finn as he glances up from the road to the mirror. his head nudges.
"come up here, vi"

she compiles, carefully standing through the bumpy highway, hopping over the passenger seat.
"do you guys switch shifts?"

"every now and then. i have problems sleeping in a car so, i don't mind taking over." finn shrugs, his eyes plastered to the road.

it falls silent between the two, violet debating if she really must bring it up once more.
"i know i've said it before, but thank you finn. even if it is only temporary."

"band members aren't temporary."

she hesitates,
"where are we going anyway?"

"to get you a passport" he chuckles,
"have you ever been to the US?"

her head shakes,
"i've never been out of that hell town"

"well, we're going to washington. our last show before the holidays. my moms rule is to be home by christmas."

violet nods, staring down at her hands that fiddled with each other. holidays we're a touchy subject for her, and she knew that this year she'd be left with who she had every year; no one. she couldn't blame them for leaving her, how could she? because if she had a family, she would too.

finn knew what she was thinking, how could he not? he debated bring it up, truly he did. but he cared for her, he cared for her so much that it hurt to think about it. he didn't want to make her unhappy. that feeling didn't last more than a month between them.

it took them the rest of that day to get violet cage a passport. violet not having a middle name caused some issues, but she was eighteen and could somehow manage it on her own. it sounds perplexed that up until that very point, violet barely knew what a middle name was.

she set the band behind a day. causing them to have to drive through the night in order to make it to washington. she felt guilty, even their harsh attempts to convince her that it wasn't a big deal.

violet was happy, how could she not be with all the things handed to her? but she felt down in the dumps, like a leech. causing problems and sucking the energy out of each of them. she didn't want to cause any stress, so from then on, she wouldn't make a fuss about anything. she wouldnt make herself a problem.

until the holidays.

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