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"thank you guys again, for covering for me." violet gets out of the van, placing her feet on the gravel of the house she was dreading to return to.

"its no problem vi, we're glad to see you and finn getting along better." malcolm follows her inside; jack and ayla follow them down the stairs to the basement.

finn remains in the van; packing up the back to protect their equipment from the humidity. he felt drained; exhausted from the emotions that he had gone through that night.

but he had something to tell violet that night, and he wasn't sure how she was going to take it.

he locks the van up; walking inside and straight to the stairs. he didn't want to see maddie anymore. he didn't want to loose violet over anything.

as he approaches downstairs, his eyes move to her. seeing violet as she stood at the foot of the couch; talking to ayla.

he makes his way over to her; wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to whisper in her ear.
"do you want to go down to the lake, just you and i?"

she nods, smiling over to him.
"let me just get some shorts on."

he waits for violet to leave to her room before looking at the others.
"we're going down to the lake. for the love of god i'm begging you; please don't let maddie follow us down there."

"of course." ayla agrees, knowing what he was going down there to talk to violet about.

"you're sure you want to talk to her about this now?" malcolm interrupts, still annoyed with the way his friend had been acting towards the girl.

"i'm giving her a choice, its not like im-" he falls quiet, looking over to violet as she approaches them from the bedroom. holding out her hand for him to take.

he does, his warm hand meeting hers as they head towards the back door.

"we'll be back." finn calls, following violet down the quiet hill, crickets consuming the thoughts between them.

they dont speak, not until they get down to the lake. they sit at the end of the dock; feet in the water.

"why did you want to come down here?" she looks to him.

he smiles lightly, pulling her arm to his lap to hold her hand. he stares down to her fingers; not letting go.
"i wanted to spend some time alone with you."

she hums, resting her head to his shoulder as she takes in the feeling of them together. the warmth that came from his breath as he grows nervous.

"and, i have to talk to you about something, vi."

her head sits up, looking over to him with a frown.
"what is it?"

"before i say anything, you cant get mad okay? i think that you would feel a lot better if you did this but its completely up to you. all you have to say is no and i'll tell her you're not coming."

she looks at him hesitantly.
"finn... what is it?"

"i called your mom."

"you did what?"

"look i didn't call her for you to go back to her, i called her because i knew there was a lot you needed to get off your chest. i thought it'd be good for you."

"when did you do that?" she stares to the water.

"a few weeks ago."

"finn, if i'm honest im not sure i can take her. she sat there and watched me eat shit in the orphanage for eighteen years like it was nothing to her."

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