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"so what do you like?"

violet shrugs, growing tired of skimming the racks of flared jeans and patterned shirts.

"youre not a fan of this, thats okay." ayla smiles at the girl, both girls rather lengthy and tall.
"what do you like?"

"i dont know a lot about this kind of stuff. its always been this." she glances down at herself. a plain black long sleeve shirt and a pair of regular denim jeans.

violet thinks they leave the conversation there, following ayla down sidewalks to a shop that held a rather foreign topic for the girl. music.

"whats your favorite band?"

"i snuck into a quittage concert once? i dont know much about music."

ayla giggles at the new topic for the girl, thinking it was rather interesting to stumble across such a common subject.

"how about we get you some band t-shirts?" ayla walks the girl past baskets of records, pulling her into the corner of the room with t-shirts folded up on racks.

ayla grabs the first one to her right, a beatles t-shirt. she had been up to something all day, and she didnt want it to slip out just yet.

violet holds three tshirts in her arms as ayla browses and hands them to her.

"ayla, i dont know that i want to change much about what i wear" she brings up, noticing the girl getting ahead of herself.

"just the shirts. trust me" she smiles at her new friend.

violet nods, trusting.
"but i can keep the long sleeves? and the jeans?"

ayla nods,
"now pick out three on your own, what ones look cool?"

blindly, violet pick scans them carefully. choosing three with titles that meant almost nothing to her.

"pink floyd? you heard of them?" ayla grins in excitement.

"no" violet laughs,
"i thought it looked cool"

"he'll like that" she smiles


she watches ayla hesitate for a minute. a wicked grin spreading across her expression as she rests her arm to a clothing rack.

"what?" violet smiles back to her.

"you like finn, don't you?"

"oh! i uh" she looks down at the ground shyly.
"i don't really know him"

"but you chased after him after the show. and, i see the way you look at him."

"i find him interesting" she admits.

"he would have pulled anybody out of the snow to take them home, to get them a meal even. but for the past three days finn has been up all night, and last night was his chance to finally get some rest. he stayed with you and made sure you were settled in instead. he wouldn't have done all of that for just anybody."

"he doesn't know me"

"thats true. look, i don't know how finn works. none of us do. but if you really want to impress him. i mean really, let me help you."

violet sighs,
"help me how?"

"look, the clothes wont make finn fall for you. but, it wont hurt."

reluctantly, violet left that store with six new tshirts all totaled up on a credit card that was not hers. she would admit, she was attracted to the boy. his rock star exterior that didn't give a care in the world, contradicted the soft boy that pulled her in from that winter storm.

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