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it was good for a while, truthfully violet thought the storm between them was over.

she thought she was finally free to love him without consequences.

but soon, things began to cave in like they use to. and it left her with an aching heart.

however this time, it didn't start as finn's fault.


it was a saturday evening and finn was away. recently, he had been having some contract issues and decided to take things into his hands to take the stress off the rest of the band.

he tried to keep it as nonchalant as possible, telling them that it was no big deal, and that he would get the band back on a safe contract in no time. that was true; however it was much more of a stressful deal than what he led it off to be. and violet knew.

it surprised her that he was able to come home every night without an attitude even after such a hard day. but she knew him well, and she knew when finn had felt superiorly stressed.

she knew that he was easily breakable.

but still she pushed it.

the evening held a strange feeling. for the weather was a weird inbetween of a warm winter day.

it was mid october, and already it had snowed in vancouver. however earlier that day it had melted; leaving the ground puddled in water and the air thickened in fog.

violet sits alone, the window casting shadows of drizzling rain to her back. she sits on the carpeted floor just in front of the window pane; staring aimlessly to the tv.

finns room was quiet, in fact the entire house sat quiet with vacancy. the inside air sent chills to her body; along with the thought of not being able to see the other side of the street through the fog.

it was such an eerie feeling to her for some reason.

inside such an empty house, sat an empty soul.

violets eyes move across the room to her guitar that sat propped to the wall; and as if her boyfriends bipolarity passed through him and went straight to her, she grew angry.

angry of that how could she be such a fool? thinking he'd take the time to teach her something she yearned to be taught.

finn truthfully did have every intention on being with violet forever, the thought of her leaving hadn't ever crossed his mind. so therefore, he figured he'd have all the time in the world to teach her something so simple.

he was wrong about a lot of things, but that was a start.


she turns her head to the sweet softness of a voice ricocheting off the door. only to meet the eyes of someone who once hated her. the eyes of someone who she forever trusted.

"you're alone still?"

her elbows cradle her legs; her chin to her knee cap.
"i'm always alone, malcolm."

he hums gently, sitting to the ground next to her.
"you wouldnt have to be..."

"if what?" she stares to him.

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