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he regretted it, his words.

there were a lot of things finn subconsciously regretted. but smiling to that other girl was not one of them.

he thought it was stupid that violet could overreact in such a way, especially in front of his friends.

did he really want her gone? of course not. but it was easier to say that instead of the truth.

the truth of he would fall apart without her. how could a big hard rockstar tell everyone that he would fall apart at the simplicity of a girl leaving him?

regardless, he thought about their promise. he would be there for her no matter what. and to be there for her, he knew he had to check in with her.

a part of being there for someone is to show your love even when you dont have much of it left.

"ayla do you mind if i pop into your room for a minute? to check on violet."

"well sure but, do you think thats a good idea?" ayla looks over to the tall boy walking besides her down the hotel hallway.

this time around, it was the girls who shared a room. the boys staying in the other.

"probably not, no." he admits truthfully.
"but i have to."

"okay, yeah sure. whatever you need, finn." her hand meets his arm to tell him good luck, as she stops earlier down the hall at the boys' room.

finn keeps traveling, the key card given to him by ayla gripped in his hand.

once he approaches the door, he knocks gently. but opens it on his own.

as he comes in, finn watches violet stand in stone on the other side of the bed. her suitcase opened across it, her things neatly being folded into it.

"what do you want, finn?" she continues putting her things to her bag.

"i want to talk." he sits on the edge of the opposite bed.

"theres nothing to talk about."

"clearly, there is. i just want to clear things up-"

"theres nothing to clear up, finn. you're an asshole, which is pretty straightforward if you ask me."

"im an asshole?"

"yeah." she looks at her,
"you are."

"violet, you were the one that went out with malcolm only because you wanted to piss me off. what does that make you, huh?"

her eyebrows twist,
"is that what you think i was doing? you think i was trying to hurt you."

"no, i know thats what you were doing."

"are you kidding me?" violet starts to shout, despite being in a hotel room.
"are you an idiot?"

"no, apparently im an asshole." he shouts back.

"you know, im starting to think that you are just jealous."

"jealous?" he looks to her baffled.


"jealous of what?"

"of malcolm. of the way he treats me."

"malcolm told me to kick you out countless times. what a fucking prince charming he is."

"that was before!"

"does that matter? it still happened."

the screaming match was brewing up, despite the both of them being ever so tired of fighting.

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