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"you're up?"
finn walks out from his bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist as he stares at the girl awake on the couch.

"yeah." she rubs her eyes,
"just couldn't sleep anymore i guess."

it was a lie, she wished she could sleep for ever. in fact, she probably could. but she forced herself awake that day.

that dreaded, awful day.

"oh, alright." he gets dressed in front of her.
"well im out to an interview. do you want to go with?"

"no." she responds immediately, causing finns eyebrows to furrow.
"thank you, though."

"alright..." he sits to put on his socks.
"what are your plans for today?"

"uh, probably just clean up a bit. watch a movie or something i dont know."

"okay well," he gathers his things.
"i will be back around two. but text me if you need anything, okay?"

"yeah, okay finn."

"i'll see you later." he takes his keys, closing the door behind him.

violet scurries to the window, watching in awaits for him to back out of the driveway. she had anticipated that the interview would take longer. not leaving her as much time as she had expected.

she watches the van pull out from the driveway and speed down the street. and it wasnt until then that she jumps to her feet.

she wasnt lying about the cleaning. for she began picking up the room, organizing everything to a tee.

she wasn't sure why, she thought that maybe, possibly it would calm her nerves. for they were through the roof.

she takes apart her bed on the couch, she'd reckon that that was the weirdest part of it all. the couch hadn't been stripped from blankets since she got there. even the seven months that she shared the bed with him.

she stands, staring at it. fixing the pillows as a way to make everything look put together.

the moment she was done cleaning, she took out her pre-packed suitcase. still full of her things from the trip.

she makes her way around the room, collecting any clothes and items that she had acquired.

she wasn't someone with expensive things, or things at all for that matter. she liked the minimalistic feeling; nothing but clothes and a couple pairs of shoes.

finally, she manages to stuff her suitcase full. she pulls it to the ground, sighing at the heavy weight.

she sets herself on the edge of his bed glancing around the room that had never been as clean as it stood. it felt vacant; without her things. without her presence.

her eyes wander. first, landing to his stereo on his bedside table. she smiles sweetly to herself; picking up the clear tape case that held her handwriting on the back.

she holds it in her hands; a wave of memories coming back from christmas time.

it was what made her remember.

her eyes dart to the other side of the room. finns guitar sat propped up to the wall where it usually stood. and next to it; her own.

slowly, she makes her way to the black guitar. sorrow raced her heart.

she picks it up, strumming each individual string; listening to the way it formed. out of tune.

she stands with it in her arms, unsure of what just to do with it. she spaces out; tears forming as she thinks of all the emotions attached to the guitar.

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