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violets voice rings out so quietly from the passenger side of the van.

snow comes down violently as the van travels almost lonesome down the three a m highway. everyone sleeps soundly in the back of the warm van. pink floyd playing on the stereo, just loud enough to make out the words, but not enough to enjoy. currently, finn had four miles to a rest stop to get some sleep, and he was left with the company of the person he had grown closest to.


violet stares at her hands, so nervous to ask.
"you've already done so much, so if you don't want to you can just say so. i'll understand."

finn rubs his tired eyes with his free hand, trying to focus on the road that was merely impossibly to find.
"what is it, vi?"

"could i have some money? for a hotel room, during the holidays."


violet nods, almost expecting the answer.
"thats fine. really, i appreciate everything you've done. i just, i need a ride back to the overpass."

"what? no violet" finn chuckles, exiting the highway to the, well searched for, rest area.
"i want you to come to mine for christmas."

her face falls shocked, looking over to him as he parks the van.
"you're sure?"

"if you're okay with it. look, i know you haven't had a family to spend christmas with, so i want to give you one."

violet hesitates,
"why are you being so nice to me, finn?"

he shrugs, whispering.
"i like you"

"you dont know me."

"dont need to."

she cant fight the smile that pulls to her lips. she watches as he gets out of his seat, crawling to the back, leaving the van engine on for its heat.

violet follows him, settling on the floor between the benched seat and finn. the others lay on the other side of him. just enough room for the five of them.

he pulls a blanket over the girl, getting a different one to put over himself. his back rests against aylas, her breathing steady and heavy with sleep.

he faces violet, her face illuminated by the street lights of the parking lot. violets head rushes with the thought of it being like this every night, together. her heart flutters, not understanding the turmoil that would come with a relationship between the two of them.

"we'll settle you into my house tomorrow. my brothers dying to meet you."

"you talk about me, wolfhard?" it was the first time violet let her teasing personality out.

finn noticed, smiling at her.
"how could i not?"

"i owe you so much."

"you owe me nothing." he takes a chance, resting his arm around her waist.

she pretends to not notice, it was all she could think about. his touch sent an entire zoo off in her stomach, fluttering out of control. so many feelings.
"get some rest, finn."

"you too, vi."

there was no movement that night, finn falling asleep with the weight of his arm on her. foreheads inching apart throughout the night. it was the most comfortable violet has been in her entire life, despite sleeping on the floor of an old van.

for the first time violet went to sleep warm, and loved.

waking up, however, was no cake walk.

the sun pierced her eyes last. sleep had taken over them so hard from the late night before that they easily could have slept well into the day. but the others nudged them awake.

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