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it wasn't until march did violet see finns disastrous demeanor. and it scared her enough to forever be cautious around him.

it was late at night within finns bedroom, where she had recently been sharing the bed with him. but decided to take the floor after his outbreak.

the band had settled back home after the short tour to destinations throughout the united states. violet had never seen so many great sights before, but she was happy to be back to a place where she felt welcomed; finns family home.

the rest of the band members had gone back home in a much better mood towards each other than they had during the holidays.

within the past couple months, malacolm and violet were bonding more than ever. and even though the three of them were afraid of it, everyone was so happy to see finn happy with violet.

they weren't official, they decided to never make it official. but they were starting to fall in love with one another. that was, until that night.

violet stands in the middle of a chaotic house party. it was a nice house; one of a wealthy individual.

the boy had rich parents who were conveniently almost always away. and was conveniently friends with finn.

violet hated parties. she hated the dancing, the alcohol, the bad decisions. every single thing, she despised. and she thought finn felt the same way; that is until he spotted his friends.

"finn! you made it."

"i told you he would show up."

the two grin towards finn as he nods. his hand presses firmly on violets black laced shirt from the back, not wanting to loose her on the walk in.

"couldn't miss another one of your parties."

"well you have lots to make up for, hows the band going man?"

"its going great, actually. we're sold out for the next five months." finn smirks proudly, taking an unopened beer bottle from his friends hand.

violet watches him confused, unaware the he drank at all.

"whose this?" his friends eyes flicker to the girl, she stands silent, waiting for finn to introduce her.

"this is my friend, violet."

the strange boy lets out a hearty laugh, clearly already trashed.
"i was about to ask if you finally decided to settle with someone."

finn laughs back, drinking his beer.
"yeah, no way."

violet stares to the floor, she didn't like the way he was beginning to act. he was different around his friends, cocky.

"well, violet. pick your poison, although its pretty much all beer and vodka in the kitchen. hope you're not a fruity drinker." the boy speaks to her, from the conversation held between him and finn, she gathered his name to be james.

"oh, i'm good. i don't drink."

james laughs, playfully hitting finns arm.
"how'd ya end up with this hell raiser."

"oh don't be so dramatic." finns eyes roll, ultimately finishing his beer before moving from his spot. he turns to violet.
"im going to the kitchen for another. youre sure you dont want anything?"

"i'll come with and check it out." she shrugs. violet wanted nothing to do with being alone within the clusters of drunk strangers around her.

she follows behind him, her hand attached to his as he leads the way. she loved the way he had looked that night. dressed in casual clothes; but a different kind of casual, a nice jacket covered his arms. converse at his feet. his hair unattainably curly, placed perfectly to frame his face. she was truly happy that she had come to a party with him, and the way things were going between them.

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