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"you have got to be fucking kidding."

the van decelerates to the highway margin, as it stops finn rests his head on the wheel out of frustration.

"finn." jack groans from the back.

violet looks over besides her to finn,
"out of gas?"

" i didn't want to stop last night, i thought we'd make it to the next exit."

"how far is it?" ayla speaks from the back.

finn looks ahead of them in hopes that he'd be able to see it. only the mountains edge stood in the way of the twisty roads.
"about two and a half miles."

he unclicks his seatbelt, turning off the vans engine.
"hand me the gas can in the back would you?"

malcolm drags it from the back, handing finn the red plastic canteen.
"what are you going to walk?"

"doesn't leave us with much of a choice."

"well, someone should go with him, right? something could go wrong." ayla speaks, hoping that one of the other boys would volunteer. but the only one that spoke up was jack.

"no way bud, youre on your own if you think im going out there in that rain."

"i think ayla just volunteered herself." malcolm speaks up, flinching as ayla hits his arm.

"well, do we have an umbrella or something?"

"no umbrella, a's. lets go." finn speaks, opening his door to the quiet highway. luckily for them, it wasnt a major highway.

finn gets out, leaning against the van as the rain falls on him. his tshirt takes most of it, however the rain not strong enough just yet make it cling to his body.

he pulls out a cigarette, lighting it to help settle such a long night. as he was expecting ayla to hop out with her boots on, it was violet instead. walking around to meet him at the side of the van.

immediately, finn takes the lit cigarette out of his mouth, staring to violet.
"what are you doing? i thought ayla was coming."

"she didn't want to get wet. i however happen to like the rain." she sees the cigarette that he was so clearly trying to hide from her.

she takes it from his fingers, putting it in her own mouth to take a drag. only to hand it back to him. it was her way of telling him that she didnt care that he had it.

that she was ready to relax around him and not argue over the dumbest of things.

a smile tugs at his lips as the smoke from her mouth disintegrates to the thin mountain air.
"are we going or what?"

the two travel in the rain, the birds chirping fill the silence between them. spiders eat violets mind, like her head was filled with nothing but scary silence. she needed this peaceful walk. a walk away from the others.

"shit." finn mumbles, dropping his cigarette to the ground. he looks up to the sky, watching as the rain begins to pick up pretty harshly as it had the night before.

"you've got to be exhausted." she changes the subject to get them to become less focused on the rain that poured. the puddles that splashed them each time a rare car zipped by.

the air smelled so clean, it was almost sickening.

"im not."

"i know you are. i can see."

finn sighs watching his feet in the rain.

violets white shirt sticks to her body in dampness, her hair starting to soak all the way through.
"i think you should let ayla drive, it'd be nice to have someone to keep warm with when we get back."

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