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maybe it wasn't a good idea.

no, it definitely wasn't a good idea, and violet knew so.

but she thought that if she just keeps it quiet, there wasn't a chance of getting into it with the boy back home that seemed to control her life.

"thank you for meeting me tonight."

"of course, vi. whats this all about?"

"malcolm, i cant take it anymore and well; i need your advice."

the boy pushes up his glasses to his face; glancing around the cafe down town as violet sits in the chair across from him.
"brought me out to dinner for advice?"

violet smiles; gently shrugging,
"i don't ask without giving."

"fair enough. whats going on?"

"i told finn that i wanted to go to school."

his eyebrows raise.
"yeah? he took it well i'm assuming?"

violet laughs gently.
"not everyones as understanding as you malcolm."

"not everyones got a temper like finn." he nods.

"right." she agrees.
"i just dont know what to do."

"well what are your options?"

"well," she chews at her lip.
"i could stay, and be happy with finn..."


"or, i could leave. and be happy with myself."

malcolm stares at the girl as she answers her own question.
"his happiness isn't as important as your well being."

"i just don't want to hurt him."

"he hurts you all the time."

"i love him, malcolm. and i know that he loves me, at least he did at one point."

he sighs, trying to put together a sentence in which he wouldn't hurt his friend.
"violet, if you leave of course finn will be sad. but it'll be a couple weeks of heartache and then he will grow up to get over it. to get over you."

it stung her chest to think that way; to understand that malcolm was right. she was worth just a month of heartache.

"how do i get over him?"

"if im honest?"

violet nods in awaits.

"it seems to me like you're already starting to get over him."

"malcolm you have to understand-"

"i know," he cuts her off.
"finn pulled you in and kept you safe. even though his entire band thought it was a horrible idea for the first week. he was brave to do that but violet; hes helped you, so now go and figure the rest of your life out. without him."

"and what about you guys?"

"we'll keep in touch." he shrugs.
"maybe jack, ayla, and i will figure out a time once a week to get lunch with you or something."

"and if we dont?"

"we'll text you." he chuckles lightly.

violet smiles, her stomach settling now that there was some sort of a plan to her happiness brewing. it was malcolm that seemed to always clear her head. despite what finn thought, malcolm was good for her. a spot of peace in the middle of an ongoing war.

before the two teenagers leave, they stop just outside the shop; finishing up their small talk as violet was about to start her walk home.

malcolm offered her a ride, but she refused. for she didn't want any chance of finn figuring it out.

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