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"will you head front stage and show violet how to control the amps?"

"we're teaching her five minutes before we start?" malcolms eyes screw with confusion towards finn.

he shrugs,
"all she has to do is turn a knob"

malcolm sighs, nudging violet with his look to follow him. she follows the boy through the black cotton curtain that separated them from the large crowd.

as they hit the other side, screams sound violently at the sight of malcolm. he waves shyly, ignoring them to the best of his extent.

the crowds took violet off guard. she knew they were a big deal, she just hadn't been on the other side of the crowds. malcolm pulls her down to the front of the stage.

the equipment looked foreign and complicated in the girls eyes, although she wouldn't admit it.

they attempted to talk to each other through the large crowd just at their feet, the only barrier, a picture fitting bodyguard.

"all you have to do is turn this volume knob down, slowly. and flip this switch at the end of each of our songs."

"do i turn it back before you start the next one?"

the boy gives her a look, a look that states that was an obvious question.

he stands up, beginning to walk back off without her. he couldn't quite explain it, but he wasn't comfortable with her. not warming up to be friends, not yet.

she knew that the other members were okay with her being there other than malcolm. it disappointed her, for he was the one she was most interested in getting to know.

she catches up to him just behind the curtain, finally being able to speak without shouting.
"they go crazy for you out there."

"you think thats crazy? just wait when finn walks on" his eyes roll. finn getting attention wasn't what annoyed him, but the girl that was attached to his hip.

malcolm leaves her to be on her own, going to the back rooms with the others.

she stands put, not wanting to interfere with the band much more. she loved being here, but often times, she felt in the way. even after the three of them convincing her over again that she was welcomed.

she held nothing for herself.

"vi?" her attention looks up from the ground. grinning gently at the boy that had called her.

finns long sleeve was pushed up to his elbows, a paper entry wristband attracted to his wrist. he pushes his brown curly hair out of the way, only to fall back in place.
"you ready for your first show?"

she shrugs, watching as he slings his black electric guitar over himself, pushing it behind to rest on his back.

"you're not nervous?"

her head shakes,
"are you?"

"truthfully? im a mess." he admits. for finn, before a show was when his anxiety began to become too much to handle.

"why?" her face screws up.

"ive had anxiety since i was little. i get like this before every show."

"they're only people" violet tries to reason, noticing his hands shaking as he grips to his guitar strap.

"i wish i could think like you, violet cage."

"maybe you need to not think at all." she shrugs.

he smiles to her, noticing how greatly her eyes seemed to calm.

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