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this chapter contains the warnings in the prologue.


"jesus christ, finn! what happened to you?"

"im fine." finn grumbles, trying to get to the stairs without his mom trampling over him.

"what do you mean, you're not fine. look at you, what happened?"

"mom" he trys to pull away from her hands that rests upon his face.
"seriously it was nothing. some guy was bothering violet."

her eyes widen to meet violet, her shyness standing behind finn.
"are you alright? who was it?"

"we're fine. and, we don't know." finn answers for her.

"but, your nose is bleeding!"

"its just blood, mom." finally, he pulls away from her, heading towards the stairs.
"its late and violet and i are exhausted."

"you're not coming to the party?"

finn turns to look at his mom in confusion.

"at aunt janine's? her engagement party? i know i mentioned it before, finn. i thought it'd be a good time for violet to meet the rest of the family."

violets heart fluttered in warmth, but finn sighs.

"do we have to go? its almost nine thirty, and its been a long day for the both of us, clearly."

"well i told her that you'd be there in the least."

"i barely know aunt janine." he reasons, truly not wanting to go.


"i have a gig tomorrow morning." he lies,
"i cant be out all night."

"we can come home first thing tomorrow morning."

finn stares at her with pleading eyes, standing one step from the ground. his mom sighs,
"you'll be home alone."

"okay, and?"

"and, " she glances to violet awkwardly, back to her son rather quickly.

"oh, god. mom, we are traveling on our own and share a hotel room all the time. what makes you think we'd choose to do anything here?"

she sighs, finally giving into her son.
"fine. your brother, father and i will be back first thing tomorrow morning. there will be drinks, and i'm sure your brother will manage to get his hands on them too."

he hugs his mom, accepting a kiss on the cheek from her.
"goodnight, drive safe."

finn begins to travel upstairs, not bothering to wait for violet who hugged his mom goodbye. eventually, she meets him upstairs in his room, spreading out the familiar blanket over the couch.

"its hot in here." she remarks, only getting herself a thin sheet to pull over herself for the night.

finn agrees, pulling his shirt off and leaving it on the ground, too tired to pick up after himself. he crawls into his large bed. the emptiness feeling unusually comfortable. he was just happy to finally relax after such a long day.

it was such a long day, in fact. that he didn't even bother to change the jeans that clung to his hips.

on the flip side, violet takes her time in the bathroom. washing her face, cleaning up and settling herself in silk pajamas that had been rolled in her stocking that past christmas, curtesy of ayla. 

she approaches back to the bedroom, nudging finn as his body had already fallen in sleep. he awakes on his back, staring over to the girl. violet sits to the edge of the bed, smearing lotion to her hands.

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