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three years later

"i need someone to head to the back to check in with our stylists."

"right away, ms. cage."

violet almost trips over the intern that rushes past her. that being said, she keeps herself calm. she hops to the top of a chair, presenting herself in front of a crew of people.

"alright listen up everyone. as you know i'm leaving today before the show which means we don't have much time. the quicker you guys can get things done the easier it will be on you later."

violet glances around at the nodding faces. her hair falling from her ponytail in pieces to the front of her face.

"i'm about to head back to check on our models. i need each and every one of you in assisting staff to make sure they're taken care of and prepped for makeup. fashion stylists, they need to be dressed by-"
she glances down to her watch, thinking for a split second.

"lets say four oclock. so lets get on it, we are running out of time. they must be on the runway by five no matter what. thanks everybody."

as violet steps down from the chair; her black flats tempt to slip around on the hardwood floor. although she pulls herself together just like she managed to do each and every day of her life.

in the past few years, she had really cleaned up her life and she was grateful for the things that helped her each step of the way.

she was finally successful. and she got there on her own.

the quiet chaos surrounds her as she walks down the hall. she knocks on several doors down the hallway. each of them opened by models in a mix of genders. she asks how they are doing each time, saving the last door on the right.

she knocks, waiting for it to be opened, presenting a clean cut guy in a robe. violet smiles to him as she leans to the doorway.

"just checking in to see how you're doing." a clipboard attaches to her hip as the cap to a pen is brought up to her teeth in a smile.

"you know id say i'm doing okay but the runway manager really doesn't know whats she doing." an australian accent peaks through his smirked lips.

"i'm really sorry to hear that." she approaches him closer, still smiling to his teasing tone.
"would you like to file a complaint to my boss?"

he pulls her to him, causing them to laugh lightly together.
"i think that would probably be best, yes."

she melts into his kiss, for it only lasts seconds before he walks back into his room. violet follows, closing the dressing room door behind her.

william, was a model that she met last year on her runway tour in australia. since then he had moved to the states for bigger experiences, and perhaps to chase violet for a chance. it worked in a heartbeat; for violet was accepting love once more.

"so is everything on schedule? i haven't been called to styling yet." he watches her through the mirror.

"someone should be in soon to get you. seems like every show we do, everyone gets lazier and lazier. one of these days theres going to be a damn fashion show without any of the models."

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