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violet stands in the mirror, her shirt torn off her body as she inspects her shoulder.

a bruise spreads from the bone of her shoulder down her arm. blue and purple form the freshness. from finn pushing her a few days before. leaving her to walk home in socks and a tshirt.

she looks up to meet finns eyes in the mirror as he rests against the bathroom door frame behind her. she sighs, pulling her sweater back on her body.

she watches him through the mirror, not daring to face him. he approaches behind her, hands resting to her hips. he stares at the two of them through the mirror, chin resting to her shoulder.

his finger brushes back and forth on her clothes, tickling her side. although she doesn't leave a reaction. staring expressionless to the mirror.

"how is your shoulder?" he asks sweetly, burying his words in her neck.

"its fine." she turns to face him, holding his cheeks in her cold hands.

"im so sorry."

"you've told me" violet whispers, brushing her thumb to his skin ever so gently.
"its okay."

he stairs aimlessly to her green eyes. solid in color other than the brown freckle that dotted her left one.
"its not okay vi. i just want to see you happy."

"im over it." she stares to his freckled cheeks. quickly colliding her lips with his temporarily. pulling away to look to his eyes. he was such a disaster for such a beautiful individual.

recently, violet had accepted that being hurt would only come with him. and if she wanted him, she'd have to put up with his bad qualities.

however, she was not so innocent either. for she had started to grow finns habits in herself.

the day previously had held an altercation in which she punched him. leaving a harsh bruise to his chest.

they were falling apart one moment, and caring for each other the next. and they were willing to be that way.

violet leaves his grip, walking out of his bathroom to the bedroom that they had shared for months now. she approaches his stereo, the homemade cassette she had made him for christmas sat beside it.

she sets it in the player, resuming the tape as it spins a ninteis song. one that the two had sung within the van tons of times.

finn follows her, turning it up despite his family being home.

they don't speak, for they didn't feel comfortable doing so. instead, they enjoy the music in silence, letting it corrupt their eardrums in entirety.

that is, until they were interrupted by the bedroom door being swung open. ayla stands in the doorway, arms crossed as she looks at the two of them.

quietly, violet reaches over to turn the stereo down. glancing to the girl that had just barged in unannounced in question.

"are the two of you really blowing off rehearsal again? you've been avoiding coming all week and i don't know if you know this or not, but we cant play without our lead." she gestures to finn.

his eyes roll, falling back to his sheets.
"its just been bad timing, ayla."

"well i dont care." she states,
"we have a show coming up in a week and we still haven't finished our new album."

"we have five songs down already." he complains.

ayla hesitates, scared that anger would come from her friend.
"seven, actually."

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