³⁸ { hurting }

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that night settled in nothing but darkness around them. as their van zips down the highway, the band was running on day two.

the forty five hour drive was finally nearing the last hour. and the days had been the worst of violets life.

like usual, the three laid in sleep in the back of the van. violet and finn remain awake up front. it had been a silent couple of days. in fact violet hadnt said a single thing up until that point.

it was so quiet.

the light snores from the band in the back, leveled with the volume of the humming car. well it was the only thing that surrounded them.

not a tune of music.

not a breath breathed.

just, silence.

"its getting worse." violets voice comes out small.

"i know." finns eyes grip to the road, throat sore from the show, from the fight, and then from the silence.

"whats going to happen."

he shrugs,
"its going to blow over. things will go back to normal."

"no." her head shakes,
"this isn't just between you and i anymore. ayla hates me. its never going to be normal again."

"then, we'll figure something out when we get home. i don't know maybe we'll get you an apartment- something, whatever it is we'll figure it out."

"i don't need your help, finn-"

"it was a promise." his voice remains low.
"we made a promise."

"screw the promise-"

"no, violet." he looks to her,
"we don't break promises. we owe each other that much."

"yeah." she sighs,
"you're right."

they let silence prevail once more, unsure what to say in order to speak their minds. so finn just lets his mind blurt.
"this is it. isn't it?"

"yeah, i think so." she stares to the road ahead of them.

finally, they start to recognize the scenery around them. the others' neighborhood coming into view.

"i'll wake them." she mumbles, traveling to the back.

she does so, not making a deal out of them leaving. although she knew that this would be the last time shed see them. for she had a plan for the next day.


the two walk into their front door. the house dark like it typically should be this time of night. it was late, almost one in the morning.

"is nick up, you think?" violet stops in the hallway just in front of his room.

"i dont know." finn turns to the girl, confused.

"i have to talk to him."

he sighs, turning back around to head to the end of the hall.
"i'll meet you in the room then."

truthfully, finn was curious. he had an off feeling about why she wanted to visit her brother so late at night.

but he was much too tired to look into it.

as for violet, she leaves her bag in the middle of the hall. knocking gently to the boys door. to her surprise, his voice calls from the other side.

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