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it was at the brink of dawn when violets eyes fluttered out of a dream and to the cold bedroom.

like a kid, she could hardly contain her excitement for christmas day. for she could hardly wait to give finn the present he wouldn't have any thoughts of expecting.

she sits up, looking over the back of the couch to see finn, buried under the covers, sound asleep on the edge of the bed as if he were sharing it. he slept like that often.

she quietly makes her way over to him, laying herself on the tops of his blankets, looking to his sleeping face that was was buried to his pillow.

she nudges his back, tracing warm circles over his sweatshirt in attempts to wake him up. he twitches awake, burring his head to his pillow even more until he realizes what was going on. he turns his head towards her on the bed, rubbing his eyes. mummbling,
"good morning, love."

"morning" she whispers, a smile planted to her lips.

he glances behind him at the time, sighing in response as he gets comfortable again. his arm rests over her hips without thought.
"my family wont be up for another few hours. why dont you rest for a bit more."

he was clearly still tired, trying to convince her to not wake just yet.

"i cant" she admits.

"get warm under the covers and just relax for a bit then" he mumbles to her, knowing that it wouldn't take long for her to crash once more. it was hard to sleep in the freezing conditions.

she hesitates, sighing as she peels the heavy blanket back, climbing under it. finn, without much thought, pulls the girl to his warmth. her cold skin feeling a weird comfort against his. he wouldn't have any problem getting back to sleep.

violet regretted to admit, finn was right as he usually was. the warmth consumed her, his smell adding to the comfort. and she was fast asleep before the clock stuck another minute.

she hadn't ever slept so good. the only bed she had laid herself down on since being homeless was a hotel bed, and that didn't even compare to the mattress that she sunk into that morning.

she'd blame it on the mattress, but she knew it was his arms that truly did it. how tight he was holding onto her, even in his dead sleep. she knew that once again, her heart fluttered in comfort because of him.

she wakes up once more, this time not on her own. her heart beats awake at the touch of his fingertips running through her hair, quietly studying her like his intent wasn't to just wake her.

she stares to his lips unintentionally, blinking up to his eyes with a smile. god did he want to kiss her.

he wanted to kiss her so bad.

"i told you, you'd fall back asleep." finn still continues to brush through her hair with his fingertips. her body still held tightly close to his as it had before.

"i didn't realize the luxury of a bed." she wits back, only teasing.

he sighs into a smile, still admiring her.
"my family's awake."

"we better get down there so that you can open your present from me, then."

"from you?" his stomach flutters.

"don't act so surprised." she couldnt keep her eyes off his lips.

"you didn't have to do that." he whispers, a smile pulling at them.

" i wanted to. for you, you've done so much for me."

"well, i have something for you too. and now you cant be mad about it."

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