¹² { somehow }

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for no declared reason, the night of the show was especially hard for violet. everything had gone great, in fact violet had never done her job better.

everything was back to normal. the boys seeming to be back to good friends, and the tension between all of them had seemingly vanished. including malcolms hostility towards her.

but when two o'clock neared, she couldn't do much but sit in the dim living room and stare to the night sky on her own. it was the first night she had been having troubles sleeping since she was pulled from the streets.

she sits in silence alone for what feels like hours; but turned to minutes. and almost in an instant; she can feel someone else in the room with her.

she turns around, resting herself on the back of the couch as her feet tuck under her. finn stands in the entry way of the rental living room, sleepily rubbing his tired eyes. finally, he glances up to meet her.

"vi?" his voice comes out raspy in sleep.

"you're up?"

"i was just getting some water." he nudges to the kitchen, much willing to forget about what he was going for and walking over to the girl instead.

his hands rest on the back of the couch, only inches away from hers. she looks up at him, meeting his tired eyes.

"why are you awake?" he speaks.

"just cant sleep"

"i'm not sure how you're not? we always barely make it to the pillow after shows."

that was true, violet was almost always the last awake on show nights, but never this late.

he sits down next to her, tailing off in silence as his eyes stricken to her lips. it was always on his mind, violets too. their kiss.

it had been a couple days since, and they hadn't really talked about it; or relived it, again.

but they wanted to, they both did. they both knew it.

"you're beautiful, violet cage."

she disregards her messy hair and agitated eyes; smiling to him. her heart seeing to not skip a beat, but stop entirely.

"i want to kiss you again." finn whispers bluntly; his eyes still to her soft lips. he wanted to kiss her this time, for whatever reason, it seemed significant to him.

violet was left off a little shocked; she felt him kiss back the other night but the doubt that it was only a natural reaction was there. and more so that she was leaving off the wrong feelings.
"okay, but before you do; answer something for me."


"what is this?" she indicates between the both of them.

"being friends" he shrugs.

"friends?" she hesitates, "finn, maybe this is one sided but, theres feelings here; isn't there?"

"almost since the day i met you, yeah."

"look, i'm not looking for anything serious, and i don't think you are either. but we care for each other and, the kissing isn't so bad..."

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