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finn picks up the dark bob marley shirt from the ground, tossing it to violet.

she brushes her mess of hair out with her fingers, sitting in her underwear for her skin had felt to be on fire.

it was late, three in the morning. and still, the two hadn't gone to bed.

finn takes a seat on the floor, his elbows rest around his knees; staring to the floor in thought.

his forehead traced in warmth covered from his hair, and the harsh events that had happened just prior.

he sat in his underwear; and refused to continue to get dressed. the tempature of the room felt much worse now that the two had interacted in such a way.

however, they still sat in the dark. violet stares to him, he doesn't break contact with the ground. she had grown more in love with him within the past couple of hours.

and for a while, he felt the same way. 

he didn't know that the feeling would evaporate in the morning.

finally, violet accepts finn's worn shirt, pulling it on over her, leaving her legs bare. she remains to his bed, eyes heavy but adrenaline still racing through her blood.

neither knew what to say to the other, the relationship between them still being new and awkward.

finn gazes up at the girl, inspecting the freckles that dusted across her cheeks. her hair that was starting to grow out again, lay in a waved mess draped to her back. her skin glows in sweat. it was an undeniable kind of hot in that room. but she still managed to be the most beautiful girl finn had ever laid eyes on.

she smiles lightly at their eye contact, scared of speaking up. but does anyway.

"are you sleepy yet?"

his head nods, meeting her smile.

"come on, then." she stands, putting her hand out for him to take. he accepts; helping himself up from the floor.

instead of heading to his bed, his hands connect with her waist. he had felt that he hadn't explored enough of her that night.

his lips gently kiss her forehead. she breathes in his company, shivering in remembrance of him being so close to her just an hour before.

"you are beautiful, violet cage."

she stares to his dark eyes within the black of the room. being so close, that she could make out his features perfectly. she fell for the sentence that he had told her before; the way her name rolled off his lips.

he kisses her gently, wrapping his arms around her waist ever so tightly. the hunger was gone, the love had overtaken.

she sinks to his kiss, her fingers trailing through his messy hair as he holds her. it was a moment that violet wished she could have all the time. never had she been in love before, but even stranger; nobody had ever been in love with her. and that was something new.


"where are you going?"


"out where?"

"christ, im only going for a drive."

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