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"you two seem happier than usual." ayla inspects the couple. the five of them sit at a rounded table for breakfast, sat off to the side in the hotel lobby.

violet sits next to finn, her chair a few inches from his, they keep their distance but every now and then they'd chuckle at each other without a true reason.

"yeah." finn clears his throat,
"we had a nice night, last night."

"gross" jack chuckles, eating his food.

finns eyes roll, smiling lightly down to himself.

they watch as a small group of people walk in, taking a seat as if being proper was the only way they knew how to motion.

the lady wore sunglasses, a business suit that was framed by another lady carrying coffee, and a man with with a laptop. the lady from the front desk last night chases after them to their seat, waiting on their table as if if were a restaurant.

"must be the important person that was mentioned last night. cfo of the company." malcolm stares at them.

violet turns in her seat staring at them.
"what the fuck is a ufo?"

finn snorts before bursts of laughter abrupt at the table. violet turns to face the band, laughing alongside with them at herself.
"is that not what you said?"

jack chuckles, shaking his head as the laughs continue. after that it was one thing after another, and suddenly everything was funny.

malcolm notices the business suits glaring over to their loud table. but ignores them in his laughter. the band had a lot of moments like this, their lungs burning without air as they laugh. it was good times like that.

but its all stopped abruptly as the ladys heals click her way over to them, the lady from the front desk.

"i warned you kids about being a disruption."

"listen lady, we're paying to stay here." finns arms cross, staring up to her.

she smiles something fake, glaring at him.
"im going to have to ask you and your group to pack up and leave."

"you cant kick us out, we didnt do anything." violets eyebrows furrow.

"youre being a disruption!"

"we aren't disrupting anyone but you."

"is that your cfo over there?" finn points.

the lady straightens her clothes out.
"the founder of this hotel, sir. and you're disrupting her meeting."

"even better." he stands, about to leave to talk to the upperclass women that sat across the room from them.

violet grabs his arm, pulling him back and giving him a look of question.

"i'll be nice." his eyes roll.


"i'll be right back." he reassures.

violet gives him a look of annoyance, taking her hands away from him.

"i love you." he mumbles, only trying to get her to not be mad.

"yeah, i love you too." her arms cross as he leaves.

the band all turn their heads to violet, all violently confused at what was just witnessed.

"what the hell happened to you two last night."


violet shoves her things to her suitcase, sprawled out on the bed.
"i cant believe you got us kicked out, finn."

he looks to her from the other side of the room, dragging his own bag to the door.
"hey its not my fault she got in my face."

"well now we're sleeping in the van so guess that didnt work out as planned, huh?"

"hey, do you want to fake a murder in here? freak 'em out a bit."

"typically yes. but we have two minutes to be out that door or we get arrested, so." violet smiles, approaching finn.

he pulls her to him, fingers rubbing to her back gently as she runs hers through his curly hair. gazing up at the permanent freckles across his nose.
"we should get going before we get in trouble then."

"mhm" she hums, placing her lips on his. she tries to pull back but he keeps her there, taking in the feeling of what this felt like.

prior, finn had had relationships. they were here and there, they never lasted longer than a month, and he certainly never brought them to meet his parents.

his relationship with violet had already changed everything he knew about what a relationship was, without even having a proper relationship with her.

he hated being labeled as friends with someone he loved. someone that even the thought of sent a field of butterflies through his body. so he was set out to change that.

he stares to her vibrant eyes, nothing out of the ordinary but something so surreal in his mind.
"vi, i know we have this friend thing going on..."

"you're not asking me out in a crappy hotel room, are you?"

"that was very much the plan, yeah." he laughs nervously, he was comfortable around her. but it was just so nerve racking.

she smiles, grabbing her things to bring it over to him.
"i'd love that, finn."

violet gets caught up in the moment, a heartfelt smile to her lips as he lets out a sigh of relief. he comes closer to her, to do something. anything, just to hold her. but as if on schedule, bangs on the door interrupt them.

their bodies jump, looking at each other. finn turns around, opening the door to ayla; a hand on her hip.

"are you two insane? we've been waiting for ten minutes, and we've got a tour that needs to happen. we cant afford to be arrested again."

violet snickers at the words, only imagining what would have put them in jail previously. they take their things, pulling themselves out of the hotel before they could even manage dirty looks from the business class.

they sit in the van, determining what they'd do next, only to decide that they'd head east to tennessee.

"that is if they don't kick us out there too." jack jokes.

finn stares at the road as he pulls out of the parking lot.
"actually, i already have a place for us to stay there."

they all look to him, violet included.

"i used to, talk, to a girl who lives there. their family has a cabin in the mountains. its on a lake, theres plenty of room for all of us. and, they invited us."

"you're not talking about-"

"you're still talking to maddie?" ayla cuts jack off from the back.

"her family, sometimes. look, i knew we were coming down there so i called her."

"who's maddie?" violet looks to him.

"some hick girl with an accent that finn used to be with." malcolm speaks up, causing the others to chuckle at the thought of her.

"its a bed to sleep in and relax there for a bit." finn looks to her,
"and they probably wont kick us out there either."

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