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christmas was nearing within the next day and violet was still in a cluster.

she knew that finn had done so much for her, everything really. and she wanted to do something kind for him.

likewise, finn had spent the last week planning something for violet. he wanted to make her christmas about more than just having a family, but feel loved, wanted. he knew that thats what she was lacking.

he had discussed with his brother for the past five days or so what to get her. giving each other ideas before finn settled on one that would give an excuse for them to spend more time together.

as for violet, she had no one to discuss with. and finding a gift for a boy that she barely knew was overly impossible. and even if she were to find one, what money would she buy it with?

ironically, they both had settled on gifts of the same topic.

violet didn't know much about music, hardly anything for that matter. but what she did know was the moderately easy task of pirating music to cassette tapes, performed effortlessly by her old foster sister. 

it was the only thing she had learned from her, in fact.

she was only waiting for a moment to figure out a place to provide the music, and it didnt come until that very day. not until she asked.

she excuses herself from finns bedroom, walking quietly through the dark hallway, knocking ever so gently on the door that held a stranger inside.

she waits patiently for his response, creaking the door open to a stuffy, warm room.

"hey violet. whats up?" nick directs his attention back to his text book. his tv illuminated the ill lit room with the paused screen of a video game.

"i need your help." her voice comes out quietly, still shy around the stranger .

he turns to put all of his attention on her, a confused look smeared to his face.
"come in."

he waits until the girl shuts the door behind her once more, sitting herself on the edge of his bed. he speaks up once more, concerned.
"is finn giving you troubles?"

"no, thats not it."

"oh" he relaxes in his chair,
"then what can i help you with?"

"i know its last minute, but i need your advice for finns present." she then continues to give the details on what her plan was, hoping that finns brother would have some insight on what finn would like.

nick liked violet a lot. he had noticed a desperate change in his brothers mood since coming home with the girl. he felt she was a good influence on finn, who had recently been acting out.

violet had been around nick for the past week. often times sitting quietly to herself in his room as the boys play video games, attempting to involve her. and dinner lately had been the three of them with the last minute shopping their parents had been doing lately.

violet hadn't ever sat down to have a true conversation with nick. not until this very moment.

"theres a record shop down town. finn's in there all the time, if its the same girl working, she would probably be able to help you out."

"how do i get them to my own tape?"

"they have test speakers and recorders all over the place. i doubt anyone would even notice."

"would you maybe write down the address for me?"

"i could just drive you? they wont be open much longer. it's christmas eve."

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