Chapter • 46

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Cameron's POV

It was around 10pm and I was still waiting in hospital with a IV drip attached to my arm. I was worried about Holly, I know she is in the good hands of Jack G and Jacob but I couldn't feel bad for scaring her. I was lying in bed trying not to think about everything and I just want to be back at the hotel with Holly and my friends.

I slowly began to drift of to sleep when my phone range which I immediately answered.


"Hi its Jack"

"Oh hi, is everything ok?"

"Ummm yeah but I need to talk to you about something"

"Err yeah sure"

"Well you know Holly?"

"Of course I do! Spit it out" I don't know why I'm getting so angry

"Sorry yeah go on"

"Well I think she may have ummm errr an eating disorder?!" He was talking in a low whisper

"W w what do you mean?" I knew it, I tried not to think about that possibility but having Jack tell makes me think

"Do you remember me telling you about my friend Lily?'

I nodded until I remember he can't actually see me

"Well Holly behaves like she did... with the eating and stuff..."

"Oh" I don't know what to do, I need to talk to Holly.

"Yeahh sorry I told you over the phone but please don't ignore what I told you because thats what I did and..."

"Ohh yeah of course now, I love Holly so much and I'm going to get her the help she needs, its ok Jack"

"I know... but I feel bad for telling you but you needed to know because I can't let what happened to Lily happen to your sister. I just can't"

"No no its ok! Thanks for telling me!"

"It's ok, when will you be back at the hotel?"

"My IV drip finishes in 5 minutes so probably in about an hour unless they put me on another" I grunt

"Okay, see you soon"

"Yeahh bye"

I hung the phone up and texted Holly telling her I would be back in an hour unless they keep me over night.

I felt bad for Jack, I wonder if Jack J knows? I won't let Holly die I won't! She will fight her demons and I will help her. I know the Jack's feel bad about Lily but it wasn't their fault and they need to know that!

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