Chapter • 35

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Cameron's POV

As we arrived at our hotel it was about 3pm but Holly and I were really tired so we agreed a power nap was in need. We checked in at reception and made our way to our room, it was reasonably big and looked decent. After unpacking the essentials and plugging our phones into charge we climbed onto our beds and fell asleep.

It was just after 5pm when I woke up and Holly was still asleep meaning we must have been really tired. I decided to get changed and do my hair so I didn't look like I hadn't just woken up, I then woke Holly up who did the same and applied some make up.

After sitting around on our phones not really talking I thought I should call the boys asking if they wanted to grab dinner or meet somewhere. I typed into the group chat asking if anyone wanted to come to our room, I only got a reply from the Jacks, Matt, Nash and Hayes, Taylor and Aaron who said they would come to ours at 5:30pm. I smiled and told Holly about my arrangement she seemed excited and nervous at the same time which I could understand as it was the first time meeting the boys.

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