Chapter • 27

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Cameron's POV

I had never really noticed how thin Holly was. But she was and it was kind of scary. We sat and ate our soup but Holly didn't look comfortable eating it. I suddenly hit me. What if she starved herself or worse made herself sick after eating? I quickly shoved those thoughts to the back of my head not wanting to think about it.

After we finished lunch she helped me pack the rest of my things. It came to 1:30pm meaning our parents should be back very soon. I was excited about moving out with Holly. I had already asked Mum and Dad if Holly could come to the next Magcon with me which was going to be in Nashville and they had agreed! It was the Summer holidays at the moment meaning she didn't have to worry about school.

It was 2pm when Mum and Dad got home. We all hugged and they told is about the things they did and they then helped us pack the very last things into boxes. I never knew how much junk I owned. After everything was completely packed we settled down and decided to order a Chinese take away and watch a movie together as a family before heading to bed.

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