Chapter • 37

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Cameron's POV

We had a really good time chilling in our room and I think Holly had a pretty good time as well. I couldn't wait for her to meet the rest of the boys.

While we were messing around with the boys I noticed new marks on Holly's wrists and how thin she was getting, it scared me. I was planning on talking to her once they all left but I was exhausted and I had a massive headache so I forgot and we both went straight to bed.

When I woke up it was 8am and I had the run through of Magcon that morning and the afternoon was free for Holly, the boys and I to do anything. I sat up and my head felt extremely light headed... in fact I thought I was going to pass out. I continued to sit there for a while until I felt better and I then made my way to the curtains which I pulled open to reveal a grey clouded sky.

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