Chapter • 30

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Holly's POV

It was nearly 5pm when Cam and I arrive at our new house and the movers were already unloading the boxes into the house. I helped Cam unload the things from the car and once the movers left we started unpacking our stuff.

The movers had bought are beds and our chest of draws/ wardrobes which I was grateful for. I unpacked my clothes and put them into my chest of draws folding them neatly and ordering them into short sleeves, long sleeves, crop tops and so on. It took a while to get all my clothes away and unpack my makeup and mirror which I placed on the top of my chest of draws.

After a while everything had been unpacked and it was 9pm. I walked to the kitchen to find Cam making omelette.

While eating Cam brought up Magcon which was at the end of this week meaning I would have to go and stay with Mum and Dad until he got back which I didn't want to do. I stopped paying attention until he said "Mum and Dad said it was fine so what do you think?" I looked at him puzzled. "Do you want to come to Magcon with me?" A smile slowly crept onto my face and I realised he wasn't joking he really meant it.

I grinned and launched myself at him giving him a massive hug "Yes yes yes yes please!" He laughed and I was extremely excited. I couldn't wait!

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