Chapter • 3

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Cameron's POV

When I woke up it was nearly mid day meaning I had still could have breakfast as it wasn't yet lunch time. I ran downstairs and peered into the cupboard seeing only weetabix staring back at me. I suppose it will have to do because I can't be bothered to go out, I poured two weetabix and milk into a bowl when the phone rang. I answered it, it was Nash. We talked for a while about Magcon and I was telling him that I was moving into a new house with Holly meaning I couldn't attend the Magcon in Miami.

Once I had to returned to my breakfast the Weetabix (weetabix is a cereal we have in the UK) was all floating around in the milk... it didn't look like weetabix anymore it looked more like porridge. I ate it anyway but I don't understand how Holly can eat this every morning it tasted like cardboard!

I went out for lunch with a few friends and we hung out for a while before deciding to watch a film. When I arrived home it was 3pm and Holly should be getting home at 4pm so I still had an hour to kill. I hopped into bed turned my laptop on deciding to do a follow spree.

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