Chapter • 34

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Holly's POV

Once we had landed in Nashville we made our way through passport control and towards the luggage collection point. I was still quite anxious but not as before, Cam was also helping just by being there. After we collected our bags we walked through arrivals to about 20-30 girls their who all screamed Cameron's name.

It made me really self conscious and anxious, I just wanted to get into the taxi and go to the hotel but Cameron wanted to talk to and get pictures with his fans. As I stood patiently waiting for Cam occasionally greeting some of the fans who recognised me a tall, thin pretty girl walked over to me

"You do know you don't deserve to be spending time with any of the boys! Because your fat and ugly..."

I stood their in shock that she had said that. I had to try so hard not to completely break down, all my self hatred flooded back and I immediately had the urge to cut.

After about another 10 minutes Cameron had finally finished and we climbed into the taxi and headed to the hotel. I wanted to tell Cam about what had happened but I couldn't.

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