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one direction bsm by xoxhstyles
one direction bsmby xoxhstyles
all of these preferences are written by me, so if anything please give me credit for these if you do take them because a lot of thought has gone into writing these. if y...
  • preferences
  • liam
  • moments
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5SOS BSM Preferences by artslife143
5SOS BSM Preferencesby Morgan
Some cute brother-sister moments with some of the cutest and cuddliest boys on the planet :)
  • bsm
  • lukehemmings
  • calumhood
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Ashton Irwin Imagines by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Ashton Irwin Imaginesby Mellow Yellow
Short imagines about our favorite drummer! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only*
  • 5sosfanfic
  • 5sosbsm
  • ddm
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One Direction BSM by cherryisawall
One Direction BSMby Cherry Wall
One Direction BSM = Brother Sister Moment Y/N = Your Name
  • liampayne
  • brother
  • sister
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5SOS - BSM by mikeysrunaway
5SOS - BSMby mikeysrunaway
Brother/Sister Preferences with the boys from 5SOS Open for requests! Leave a comment or message me
  • 5sos
  • irwin
  • fanfic
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BSM One Direction by IMNOTORIOUS
BSM One Directionby Frankie
Bsm preferences from tumblr Credits given
  • niall
  • liam
  • bsm
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5sos BSM/DDM by ec_back02
5sos BSM/DDMby E
Just some random BSM and DDM. Hope you enjoy! Ages range between 2+
  • bsm
  • ashtonorwin
  • michaelclifford
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Jokers Perfect Family by Just_a_LostBoy
Jokers Perfect Familyby Corey
Joker and Harley Quinn. The kind and Queen of Gotham. Everyone sees them as evil people. But they are good too. They have their own family. Joker loves madness but hates...
  • margotrobbie
  • leto
  • kidnapped
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5sos Bsm's  by JumpyJocoseJungkook
5sos Bsm's by JumpyJocoseJungkook
Hiya I renamed the book and i will be doing bsm's for my fav band 5sos so you can leave requests and I'll do em for ya. Much love and support . Edit: #26 in bsm May 2018
  • ashton
  • calum
  • bsm
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Supernatural Cast and Character One Shots by silverharp
Supernatural Cast and Character silverharp
I take requests, will do both cast and character one shots
  • charlie
  • castiel
  • dean
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Luke Hemmings Shorts by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Luke Hemmings Shortsby Mellow Yellow
Shorts about our favorite lead singer! *requests open for my followers and longterm readers only* [36 parts long (follow me to read all)]
  • fanfiction
  • 5sosddm
  • 5sosbgm
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Sad Supernatural Imagines :'( by love-for-spn
Sad Supernatural Imagines :'(by Geek
  • love
  • spn
  • hate
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Supernatural DDMs and BSMs by ceceharbor99
Supernatural DDMs and BSMsby ceceharbor99
There's not a lot of these out there so here ya go.
  • sam
  • bsm
  • castiel
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Supernatural Little Sister by cranbrook
Supernatural Little Sisterby cranbrook
Short stories of the youngest Winchester, Allison, and her brothers (plus dad, Bobby and some angels). Some are short, some are long. The timeline of the show and the ag...
  • oneshot
  • supernaturalfanfiction
  • spnfanfiction
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Various x Child/Baby Reader by FANDOM_FANATIC_2000
Various x Child/Baby Readerby ✔Fandom_Fanatic
This contains a series of one shots where you are the younger daughter or sibling of an actor, YouTuber, singer, musician, Marvel hero, DC hero, or other movie/TV charac...
  • xsibling
  • various
  • bsm
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5sos Bsm by alexis__7
5sos Bsmby Alexis
5 Seconds of Summer bsm...If you don't know bsm stands for brother sister moment :) Keep those requests going ;)
  • luke5sos
  • 5sos
  • ashtonfletcherirwin
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Calum Hood Imagines by WhatsGoodCalumHood
Calum Hood Imaginesby Mellow Yellow
Shorts about our favorite bassist! *requests are open for my followers and longterm readers only*
  • 5sosbsm
  • calumhood
  • hood
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Having Jake and Logan Paul as your brothers is not as cool you might think... by nouisisadorable
Having Jake and Logan Paul as nouisisadorable
I have just finished high school and when I told my mum I didn't plan on going to college she wasn't too happy about it to say the least... So let me tell you the rest o...
  • brothersister
  • bsmmoments
  • brothers
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Supernatural imagines BSM and DDM by angsty-writer
Supernatural imagines BSM and DDMby I live off Caffeine
Supernatural imagines! These are just bsm and ddm, NO SMUT and also no romantic ones either. I'll be updating every other Tuesday around 8. (MDT time). REQUESTS ARE...
  • supernatural
  • teamfreewill
  • protective
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Supernatural BSM/DDM by symbolicSupernatural
Supernatural BSM/DDMby symbolicSupernatural
Basically a whole lot of Supernatural BSM/DDM, imagines and there is absolutely no smut in this book, hope you enjoy! I'm starting to do a mix, of basic Spn images but s...
  • samanddeanwinchester
  • deanwinchester
  • bsm
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