Chapter • 44

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I woke up to Jack shaking me awake. My headache had subsided but I didn't feel like eating that was for sure. After I got out of bed I put on make up and then got dressed into some leggings and a grey hoodie. By the time we were eating it was later than usual and the hotel restaurant was full so we had to decide on somewhere else to eat. Jacob and Jack both decided on iHop which I wasn't happy about but I didn't want to complain.

When we got to iHop and sat down at our table Jack received a text from the other Jack who was going to come and meet us there. After about 10 minutes he arrived and sat down next to me, great I was trapped with Jack G and Jacob sat opposite and Jack J sat to my left. They all ordered food with huge amounts of calories which panicked me because I felt like I had to get the same as them... so I did.

When our meals came they ate their meals super fast and I was left sat there picking at the bread bun of my burger.

"Don't you like it?"

"No I like it, I just don't feel well"

That wasn't a complete lie I didn't feel amazing having to eat such a calorific meal but I had to eat it, I had to! It took me over an hour to finish it and I know they were fed up of waiting but I couldn't bring myself to eat it any faster. I could feel all their eyes on me which made it a lot harder but I did it anyway.

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