Chapter • 25

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Holly's POV

When I eventually fell asleep it was around 1am and I was exhausted.

I woke up the next morning remembering that our parents were getting home in a couple of hours. I sat on my bed for a while wanting to go back to sleep but knowing I had to pack my last things.

I got dressed into leggings and a grey hoodie and started to pack the last few things only leaving an outfit for tomorrow, my make up and pyjamas out.

Once I had finished it was 12:30 meaning mum and dad would be home in an hour or so.

I got up off my bedroom floor and went downstairs for the first time today. I found Cameron packing his stuff that he had left around the living room. He greeted me with a friendly smile in which I returned. "I'll make lunch in a minute, do you mind having soup?" I shook my head and sat down to watch some Tv.

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