Chapter • 10

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Holly's POV

I woke up still feeling horrible and it took me a while to realise I was in Cameron's room but where was he?

I crawled out of bed and went downstairs to find him on his laptop in the living room "Hey" I croaked. He jumped up and hugged me "How you feeling Holls?" I shrugged and he asked if I wanted breakfast. I asked him for just a bit of cut up banana hoping I could keep it down. I went back upstairs and climbed into bed, a few minutes later he bought it up and said he was going to go and call my school.

I was half way through the bowl when I felt a familiar feeling come back up my throat. I leant over the side of the bed as half digested banana and the remains of last nights dinner which I thought I had already puked up made a re appearance in the bucket situated next to Cameron's bed. I put the rest of the bowl of banana on the side and swished my mouth out with the glass of water spitting it into the bucket wanting the disgusting taste to go away.

I lay there for a bit and the next thing I knew I was asleep.

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