Chapter • 49

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Jack J's POV

I knocked on Matt's door to have it answered by Aaron. I walked in and sat next to Matt who was lying on his bed

"What happened?"

I looked down. Should I tell them? They are going to find out anyway.

"Well you know Jack and Jacob are looking after Holly at the moment?"

The all nodded

"Well they think she has an eating disorder..."

"How would the know that?" Taylor half laughed

I glared at him

"Because one of Jack's best friends had one and he knows the warning signs ok!"

"Woah calm down" Taylor rolled his eyes

"Sorry, but Jack's friend Lily died from her eating disorder and Jack blames himself because he didn't tell anyone until it was to late. He blames himself for her death"

"Oh" Taylor looked down

"That's why he was crying...?" It was Matt talking this time.

"Yeah" I felt bad for telling them this but they needed to know and they would find out soon anyway.

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