Chapter • 58

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Cameron's POV

Holly and I got into the back of the car ready to go back to the hotel. Today was the last day of Magcon meaning Holly and I were flying back home tomorrow morning. All of the boys where planing to do something tonight before we all went home.

Once back at the hotel I went and got into the shower while Holly watched American Horror Story on Netflix. It was around 5 when I got out of the shower and we where planning on going out with the rest of the boys at 8pm and then go to a party that Magcon had organised for us all. I got out of the shower and walked back out into the room with a towel wrapped around my waist to find Hayes an Holly sitting in bed watching somethings, I'm guessing American Horror Story together.

"Oh hey"

"Heyy, I came to see if you wanted to come to the pool with Nash, Carter and I?"

"Er I've just had a shower but yeah sure"

"Ok! they're already by the pool"

"Holly are you ok here by yourself?"

She nodded and went back to watching.

"Actually do you mind if I stay here until you get back?" Hayes looked at me pleadingly

"Umm yeah sure if that's ok with Holly"

Holly smiled and nodded

I grabbed my swimming trunks, shorts, top, shoes, sunglasses and a dry towel. After getting dressed in the bathroom I took my phone from the side and put my shoes on.

"Bye! see you later!"



I shut the door behind me and walked down the corridor towards the pool.


I know it's short but it's an update!

I'm going to start finishing the book off soon as I'm not liking what I'm writing.

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