Chapter • 45

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Jack G's POV

Once we were back at the hotel and it was starting to get pretty late and I still hadn't heard from Cameron, Nash or Hayes. Holly headed straight to the toilet as soon as we got back and Jacob went to find the rest of the boys. I thought I could hear Holly being sick but I wasn't sure so I knocked quietly on the door

"Holly? Are you ok?"

"Umm yeah, I'll be out in a minute"

I sat on the bed and waited letting me thoughts swim around my head and suddenly a thought popped into my head. What if Holly was like Lily?

Lily was one of my old friends who had an eating disorder, she would never eat and when she did throw it up. I tried to shake that idea from my head but I couldn't. Holly's strange behaviour matched Lily's. Holly was really thin, she took over an hour to ear, she went straight to the toilet after. I started panicking, what should I do? I can't let her end up like Lily.

The door opened and Jacob appeared

"Couldn't find anyone. Any news?"

I shook my head without saying anything.

"You ok?"

"Yeah yeah I'm fine" I quickly flashed him a smile

"Can I ask tell you something?"

"Yeah sure..." Jacob frowned an looked confused

"Well I think ummm Holly might err have a eating disorder"

"What!?" He half shouted

"I think she is like my old friend Lily"

"How?" His voice was softer now

"She's thin, doesn't eat much, took a while to eat, went straight to the toilet... she does what my friend Lily used to do"

Jacob looked confused and nodded
"Do we tell Cameron?"

I nod and at the same time Holly emerges from the bathroom with red eyes.

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