Chapter • 47

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Holly's POV

I washed my mouth out and tried to make my eyes look less red before I left the toilet. I re entered the room to find Jacob and Jack whispering about something which scared me, what if they heard me?

I smiled nervously and sat down on the edge of the bed next to Jacob. We all sat in an awkward silence for a while before Jack left the room to make a phone call. I was left with Jacob who suggested we watched a movie but I shook my head no.

I was really tired and extremely worried about Cam, it was 9pm and he should have been back by now. I started panicking and my breathing became quick as my heart sped up, I felt trapped and sick but I couldn't move. I looked around the room hoping to find Cam or an escape. But there was nothing. Jacob noticed my strange behaviour and asked if I was ok and when I went to reply I burst into tears and started to hyperventilate.

I could see the panic in his eyes which didn't help, I was embarrassed and I just wanted Cam. He began to tell me everything was going to be ok and calm me down but it wasn't working. I felt like it would never end.

"JACK JACK!" Jacob shouted in hope Jack would come back.

Jack came running back into the room with slightly watery eyes which worried me. Once he reached my side and he grabbed my left hand with his and told me to close it into a fist and count to ten and open count to ten.

After about 5 minutes of this I had calmed down and I was left sat on the bed feeling numb and exhausted.

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