Chapter • 42

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Holly's POV

I woke up to find myself in a room I didn't recognise, I looked around which is when I remembered everything. I had a massive headache and I must look awful.

"Jack?" I called out

Jacob came into the room followed by Jack and I half smiled and thanked Jacob for letting me sleep in his bed.

"Cam called and he's fine but won't be back until this evening so we are going to take you to dinner"

I felt like crying again all I wanted was Cam and I didn't feel amazing considering I had cried so hard earlier that day and had a panic attack. I felt shaky and hot and to be honest I didn't want to eat. But I nodded and thanked them anyway.

I slowly sat up and my head thumped harder against my skull, I winced in pain I just wanted to go back to sleep in mine and Cam's room.

"You ok?" Jacob frowned with concern

"Yeah fine"

"You sure?"

"Do you have any Advil?"

"Ohh umm yeah hang on!" Jacob dashed off into the other room and came back in with the packet and water. I took it and fell back asleep after they promised to wake me up for dinner.

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