Asshole (n.g.) by Fanfic-Freak
Asshole (n.g.)by Me, an intellectual?
"Tell me to stop and I will, but we both know you don't want me to."
  • teenfiction
  • mature
  • romance
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by CelestesCorner
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby Celeste
For all the fans of Shawn Mendes! •°☆°• This book was completed but now I'm back and ready to get back into these amazing imagines so, you better come prepared. •°☆°• Th...
  • shawn
  • 2018
  • inmyblood
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Broken Love; sm by xcoffeeandsunsetsx
Broken Love; smby ;
"You can't love me. I'm broken." A book in which an abused, and depressed girl falls in love for the first time and finds herself along the way. ***HUGE TRIGGE...
  • magconboys
  • abuse
  • depression
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The Children Of Salamander {COMPLETED!} by AWeirdCrazyFangirl
The Children Of Salamander { Anime Squad🎈🎈🎆🎆🎆🎃🎃🍝🍝...
Lucy runs away from the guild since Lisanna and Natsu start dating, while Lucy's pregnant. She has two kids, Nash and Nashi, Nash is 10 and Nashi is 7. They learn their...
  • nash
  • magic
  • nalu
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The Hated Sister by GraceKathleen02
The Hated Sisterby Grace Kathleen House
You know the Grier Family They have one little secret, Me. Let me formally introduced myself. I'm Hailey, Hayes' twin sister Nash and Hayes decided it would be best if t...
  • hayes
  • justin
  • carterreynolds
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Falling (Shawn Mendes) by GG_reading
Falling (Shawn Mendes)by GG
A girl with a messed up, dark past, who's never experienced any form of love before. A boy who's famous, rich, hot, and can get any girl he wants. What will happen when...
  • sad
  • dallas
  • nash
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Shawn Mendes imagines by alwaysonmyown
Shawn Mendes imaginesby alwaysonmyown
My older imagines are pretty poorly written and quite depressing so unless you're into that I just recommend you to skip to newer ones, because j promise you they get be...
  • shawnmendesimagines
  • nash
  • cameron
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Bleachers by emotionsaregood
Bleachersby Catherine Butler
In which a boy named David, who is sitting on the bleachers and watching the soccer practice, clumsily knocks over his bottle of cola, which lands on Lainey, who was sit...
  • school
  • dobrik
  • love
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Hayes Griers Twin Sister by o2l_elephats4life
Hayes Griers Twin Sisterby o2l_elephats4life
Hi my name is Abby Grier yes you heard correctly I am the little sister of Nash and Will Grier, older sister to Skylynn and twin sister to Hayes Grier. I am a ballet and...
  • jackgilinsky
  • nash
  • jackjohnson
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It's Called Clickbait Baby | David Dobrik by daniguitar23
It's Called Clickbait Baby | daniguitar23
Taylor Fuller has lived in Dallas Texas her entire life. She decided to start a new life for herself in Los Angeles in her small apartment in Hollywood. What happens whe...
  • david
  • toddy
  • sire
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Snapchat//j.g by purslowly
Snapchat//j.gby purslowly
Everybody getting used to this social media so called snapchat. I really don't see the point in it. Just post unnecessary pictures and or videos. Like who cares? The on...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • magconboys
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Tutored By The Bad Boy by DemMagconGirls
Tutored By The Bad Boyby Dakota and Kat🌙
(COMPLETED) Samantha Gray never thought she would ever need a tutor. She was always a good student. Sure, she may get a couple C's from time to time, but overall she was...
  • hayes
  • magcon
  • school
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Adopted By Magcon. . . At Sixteen? by Magconbaesdoe_
Adopted By Magcon. . . At Sixteen?by Drea
Sixteen years. Sixteen years Drea has spent her entire life in an orphanage. No parents. No money. No memories of her mother or father, just a note saying that they woul...
  • completed
  • gilisnky
  • taylor
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Housemate (Manan Ff) Sequel To 30D,30M by rednosedreindeer
Housemate (Manan Ff) Sequel To rednosedreindeer
Manik and Nandini are happier than ever. Nandini and Manik decides to move out to become independent. The only thing they didn't know was they had signed contract for th...
  • crazy
  • babies
  • pagalpan
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king b ; magcon boys 2 by maloskigg
king b ; magcon boys 2by maloskigg
Magcon girl #2
  • fanfic
  • nash
  • sam
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Skinny (Cameron Dallas fanfic) by 50shadesofgrier
Skinny (Cameron Dallas fanfic)by 50shadesofgrier
Fat. Is what I see myself as every time I look into the mirror. There's no escaping it. All I see is an over weight girl standing in front of a mirror. These thoughts h...
  • nash
  • anorexia
  • dallas
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Luke's Instagram by LukeNashDragneel
Luke's Instagramby 🔥 Ⓛⓤⓚⓔ☀️
⬆️up there⬆️
  • dragneel
  • nash
  • instagram
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magcon boys [in editing] by 372372jj
magcon boys [in editing]by satan
Magcon boys decided to move in together.But not everything is so good when you put 10 teenagers in one house.Let's see how they will deal with that.
  • carter
  • magcon
  • jackj
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Hayes Griers Twin Sister by dazzlingbangtan
Hayes Griers Twin Sisterby dazzlingbangtan
Read & Find Out! Lol. It Might Suck So..Yea
  • notanashtystory
  • nash
  • siblinglovemaybe
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Little Dallas • Cameron Dallas FanFic by okmagcon1
Little Dallas • Cameron Dallas Okmagcon1
Blair ain't like your ordinary teenage girl. She's Cameron Dallas's little sister. Yeah.... When her parents want her and Cameron to become closer she moves in with him...
  • aaron
  • matt
  • jacks
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