Asshole (n.g.) by Fanfic-Freak
Asshole (n.g.)by Me, an intellectual?
"Tell me to stop and I will, but we both know you don't want me to."
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Nash's little sister  by _yourfavfanfics_
Nash's little sister by Yourfavfanfics
Nash's sister y/n is coming home from college what she doesn't know is all this friends are there what will they think of her? Who will she end up with? Read on to find...
  • army
  • jackjohnson
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It's Called Clickbait Baby | David Dobrik by daniguitar23
It's Called Clickbait Baby | daniguitar23
Taylor Fuller has lived in Dallas Texas her entire life. She decided to start a new life for herself in Los Angeles in her small apartment in Hollywood. What happens whe...
  • heath
  • smith
  • scotty
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by CelestesCorner
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby Celeste ✧ ೃ༄
For all the fans of Shawn Mendes! •°☆°• This book was completed but now I'm back and ready to get back into these amazing imagines so, you better come prepared. •°☆°• Th...
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The Children Of Salamander {COMPLETED!} by AWeirdCrazyFangirl
The Children Of Salamander { Anime Squad🎈🎈🎆🎆🎆🎃🎃🍝🍝...
Lucy runs away from the guild since Lisanna and Natsu start dating, while Lucy's pregnant. She has two kids, Nash and Nashi, Nash is 10 and Nashi is 7. They learn their...
  • secrets
  • fariytail
  • magic
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Falling (Shawn Mendes) by GG_reading
Falling (Shawn Mendes)by GG
A girl with a messed up, dark past, who's never experienced any form of love before. A boy who's famous, rich, hot, and can get any girl he wants. What will happen when...
  • strong
  • sad
  • broken
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 clueless [ T. SMITH ] by saintsmotel
clueless [ T. SMITH ]by — KYLIE
' can you guys just get the hell on with it and kiss for the vlog ? ' TODDY SMITH 'DAVIDS VLOGS'
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The Magcon Sister by mendeshearted101
The Magcon Sisterby Lydia
Hey guys! I'm Lydia. I am Nash & Hayes' sister. Hayes and I are twins. And I'm forced to go on the Magcon tour. What happens when Lydia meets all the guys?
  • family
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Luke's Instagram by -WittleSunDragon
Luke's Instagramby ↬“Sunny”↫
˜"*°•.˜"*°• Most of the edits are my edits,please do not steal- •°*"˜.•°*"˜
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The Move // h.g. by nirvahnuh
The Move // a.c.m.
"You changed me." he says softly. "And you changed me." I whispered. ••• Addie Little. Her life is crazy, yet it's still just starting. In a whir...
  • badboy
  • grier
  • magcon
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Mine And Mine Only (Shawn Mendes X Reader) by Mendes_WDW_98
Mine And Mine Only (Shawn Mendes why_dont_we
The story first starts out as Y/n being Shawn's sex slave but later on something happens. It gets better as it goes on! Warning: Sex, swearing etc... Will be in this so...
  • fanfiction
  • shawn
  • forever
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king b ; magcon boys 2 by maloskigg
king b ; magcon boys 2by maloskigg
Magcon girl #2
  • boys
  • matt
  • gilisnku
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Shawn Mendes imagines by alwaysonmyown
Shawn Mendes imaginesby alwaysonmyown
My older imagines are pretty poorly written and quite depressing so unless you're into that I just recommend you to skip to newer ones, because j promise you they get be...
  • shawnmendesimagines
  • camerondallas
  • nashgrier
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❁ alex ernst imagines ❁ by dolangold
❁ alex ernst imagines ❁by dolangold
the title explains it all
  • nash
  • zane
  • idontevenknowifispeltthatright
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bullied by the Dolan twins by Dolantwins5666
bullied by the Dolan twinsby Haley Keson
My name is Cameron Grier and my brother is Nash Grier he is 18 and Hayes Grier and he is 13 I am 16 my mom died when I was 5 and my dad started to abuse me and it doesn'...
  • dallas
  • dolantwins
  • hayesgrier
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Magcon pics imagines and preferences by Yoongi_Tea
Magcon pics imagines and Happy Bean🍯
  • mendes
  • cameron
  • carter
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My Brother's Bestfriend by bubblyxcam
My Brother's Bestfriendby bubblyxcam
Have you ever met someone who you hated the most? The guy who's always there to piss you off? Who insults and makes fun of you all the time? Not just A guy, but THE guy...
  • cash
  • fanfic
  • nashgrier
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Skinny (Cameron Dallas fanfic) by 50shadesofgrier
Skinny (Cameron Dallas fanfic)by 50shadesofgrier
Fat. Is what I see myself as every time I look into the mirror. There's no escaping it. All I see is an over weight girl standing in front of a mirror. These thoughts h...
  • reynolds
  • jackjohnson
  • nashgrier
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Magcon Werewolves by dolantwinz12
Magcon Werewolvesby ·C·
Hi my name is Natalie and I came to LA to meet MAGCON!!! At times I wish I was normal but I kinda like the werewolf life
  • shawn
  • taylor
  • aaron
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