Chapter • 55

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Cameron's POV

When we got back to the backstage room Holly was no where to be seen which worried me, we waiting a couple minutes to see if she returned but when she didn't Jack offered to go look for her while the rest of us stayed here so if she came back we would be here.

I walked anxiously around the room waiting for Jack to return.

"don't worry Jack will find her I'm sure" Aaron patted me on the shoulder.

I nodded and sat down on the sofa next to Jacob who was busy with something on his phone.
After what seemed hours the door opened and Holly walked in with slightly red eyes and Jack followed in behind.

I jumped up and hugged her

"What happened?"

"Got lost after buying a drink" she half laughed

"Oh Holly"

I felt relief rush through my body and I let out a huge breath I didn't even know I was holding,

"Were you crying?"

She didn't say anything for a while and just replied with a simple nod.


Jack interrupted me and told me everything about Holly's run in with the security guard and how they treated her, I was furious.

"Thats so fucking out of order!" I shouted and let go of Holly.

I went on shouting for a bit until Holly told me to stop and it didn't really matter because she was fine. I was still angry but I didn't want to keep shouting, today was the first day of Magcon and we where due to be on stage in half an hour.

We all messed around the backstage room and did a smack cam on Hayes who had foolishly fallen asleep, I'd never seen Holly laugh so much in while. Holly was laughing and joking around with the boys which made me happy because in that moment in time she was. The time came and we were called to the stage and I told Holly to stay in the room and not to wonder off, which she kind of laughed off but knew I was serious. I loved seeing Holly like this and I was going to make it my mission to make her happy more often. Being on stage and performing to the fans was amazing as always and I couldn't wait to do it all again the next day. Once we had all got back to the room we decided to go for a late lunch and that meant I would have to make Holly eat again. We all decided on going to Taco Bell and Holly didn't seem to mind, once there her mood changed completely and the boys noticed as well. She didn't speak and at first refused to eat anything until I told her she could have half of one. So I ordered two tacos and I ate one and a half while she ate the other half, it took her a while but she did it and she didn't even ask to go to the toilet after which made me proud but worried me at the same time. We all drove back to the hotel but this time Holly and I where in a car with Aaron and Carter who Holly had never really spoken too but once the car journey had come to an end was talking and laughing with them.

Everyone went to their rooms and some of us decided to go to the pool, I got into my swimming trunks and Holly put on her bikini but also put a Cameron Dallas hoodie and shorts on over the top. I took our towels and went down to the pool to meet Nash, Hayes, Taylor and Jacob. We all had a really good time and even Holly came into the swimming pool after telling us she wouldn't, she was so skinny and it scared me...She looked so ill.

These chapters I'm writing at the moment aren't amazing sorry. Also I have never been to Magcon or had Taco bell because I live in England 😁 so sorry if I get things wrong. This story is probably really weirdly written because I use things from England and I try to maintain that it's set in America. I'm such a bad writer 😂

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