Chapter • 22

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Holly's POV

I walked to Starbucks as it was only about 20 minutes walk away and I wanted to burn calories anyway. When I got there I saw Tessa standing outside, when she saw me she launched herself into my arms and gave me a massive hug.

I was planning on getting a green tea or a Caffe Latte because they are my 'safe drinks' but it was special offer on Frappes and Tessa managed to persuade me to buy a LARGE Cookie Mocha crumble.

We chatted for ages and laughed but after about half any hour I couldn't stand the feeling of being full with of my extremely calorific drink. I told Tessa that I needed to get home to pack the rest of my things which was kind of true.

We said our goodbyes and hugged each other before making our way home. Once I was around the corner I ran as fast as I could all the way home. It took me 10minutes to run home meaning the fatty drink I had consumed had been inside me for 40 minutes which meant purging it wouldn't make a difference because I would have already absorbed most of the calories.

I was on edge and I knew that even though purging wouldn't work I had to do it anyway or my anxiety would play with my head.

I couldn't go into the house because Cameron was inside and he would hear so I snuck around the side of my house where an alley way was.

I bent over and stuck my fingers down my throat. It wasn't working. My eyes were watering as I continues to gag. I carried on pushing my fingers down my throat until I felt the contents of my stomach make its way up my throat. It was easy after that all I had to do was squeezing my stomach muscles and it would come out. After I was done I wiped my eyes and unlocked the front door.

Cameron was in his bedroom packing the remains of his clothes and I knew I should start doing the same.

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