Chapter • 51

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Cameron's POV

We sat in silence on the way back from the hospital. I couldn't stop thinking about that Jack had said about Holly, everything was falling into place. How could I have been so blind? I hardly ever saw Holly eat, she was distant, she slept a lot. How could mum and dad not have noticed? How could I have not noticed?

As we pulled up outside the front of the hotel we were all exhausted and in need of a good sleep. We got out of the taxi and made our way into the hotel lobby where a couple of girls where. Once the saw us the all ran towards us asking for pictures and for us to follow them, I loved my fans but I wasn't in the mood and I don't think Nash and Hayes were either.

After trying to meet as many fans as we could we got into a lift. Nash and Hayes went back to their room and I made my way to Jacobs room, I was anxious to see Holly and talk about what was happening. I got to Jacob's room and knocked gently on the door.

Jacob appeared, half smiles an bought me into a hug.

"How you feeling?

"A lot better, thanks for looking after Holly"

"Nahh it's fine, she's actually asleep at the moment"

I nodded and followed Jacob into the main part of his hotel room. Jack was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room on his phone and Holly was sleeping in Jacob's bed. Jack looked up at me and smiled and looked down.

Something was up with him and he looked as if he'd been crying but I wasn't sure. I stood next to Jacob in an awkward silence until Jack spoke

"I'm sorry Cam, I really am"

"For what?"

"For ringing you and telling you"

"No no! I'm glad you did, Thank you"

He shrugged and went back to whatever he was doing on his phone.

"I need to wake her up"

Jacob nodded and continued to stand at the side of the bed.

"Holly! Holly" I gently shook her and whispered her name.

She turned over to face me and opened her eyes, it to her a second to realise it was me but as soon as she did she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. I hugged her back tighter than I had ever before. But this time I was scared if he hugged her too tight she would snap.

She slowly stood up from the bed and grabbed her phone from the table which was at the side of the bed. She then went to Jack and Jacob hugging them and thanking them for looking after her. They both hugged her back and said they'd see her tomorrow. Jacob walked to the door opening it as we left

"Thank you"

He nodded and shut the door.

I knew Holly was tired and to be honest so was I. I don't think either of us had the energy to talk tonight, it would have to wait until the morning.

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