Chapter • 48

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Jack G's POV

It was happening again. Holly panicked like Lily did. I had to leave the room before I broke down

"I'm gunna go find Jack"

"Okay will you come back?"

"Yeah probably" I shrugged

I ran down the corridor fighting the tears that were threatening to fall, I needed to find Jack. I knocked loudly on our hotel room only to receive no answer, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let out a loud sob and kicked the wall, I stood there for a while wiped my eyes and made my way to Matt's room. I knocked and Matt answered

"Wooah you alright mate?"

"Yeah, do ya know where Jack is?"

"Yeah he's here. come in"

"I can't can you just get him please" I looked away

"Yeah" Matt seemed upset by my behaviour but he will find out soon so why explain myself now

Jack came to the door and he could immediately tell I had been crying

"What happened?" He was worried and sounded frantic

"Come with me"

We walked down the corridor in silence until we reached an empty corridor. I couldn't hold it anymore, I completely broke down and Jack slowly bought me into a warm hug.

"It's happening again!"

"What is? tell me!"

"Holly's like Lily and I can't let the same thing happen!" I shouted

"What happened to Lily wasn't your fault...Does Cam know?" Jack was frowning

"Yes it was! And Yeah I rung him"

"You did the right thing and what happened to Lily wasn't your fault. She didn't except your help or anyone else's"

"If I told someone sooner she could have got help quicker and could've still been here"

"It's ok Jack"

"No! no it's fucking not!"

"Jack listen!"

"No just fuck off Jj! You don't understand and know one ever will!" I began to walk off, I'd had enough.

"Cam won't let Holly die" Jack was talking quietly so quiet I barely could hear.

I looked away and shrugged

"It's ok" He bought me into a hug once more and hugged him back.

"I have to go see ya later"

"Bye" Jack turned and walked back towards Matt's room

I was left standing alone in the middle of the corridor with Jack's word's going round my head

"Cam won't let Holly die"

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