Chapter • 6

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Holly's POV

I loved it when Cam hugged me like that I felt safe an loved.

After getting out of the shower I changed into my cat onesie and let my hair down. I slowly made my way down stairs as I was still quite cold regarding my hot shower and change of clothes.

I walked into the kitchen to find Cam standing next to the kitchen table which was covered in different take away menus. "What would you like?" I look at Cam and smiled he knew I loved getting take aways when it was just myself and him at home which was a lot.

I didn't mind eating because I hadn't eaten at all the day before and had skipped both breakfast and lunch today meaning I was beginning to feel weak and tired. I chose the Chinese and Cameron went off to order it.

After stuffing our faces we decided to watch a film in the living room. When it finished I went upstairs and finished all my homework which was such a relief! I came back down said goodnight night to Cameron and hugged him tight.

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